USB Port not working

  muddypaws 11:01 06 Apr 2003

Originally posted this under 'reckoc'. Believe it was 'woodchip' who gave some options & asumed they would cure prob. Now bought webcam that works ok in rear port,but nothing in front port. When in front and click on cam shortcut states 'cam. not connected'. I unclicked power saving options as suuggested- no effect. Gone into dev. man/ hardware/actions/connections/video codecs. States working properly. Click on properties in video codecs/ double click 'mimic ICM DLL' and get 'cannot load driver. File may be missing. Try installing again'
Anyone know if this is related to the defective port. If so how do I re-install without messing anything else up. All USB's and hubs are shown OK in d.m. Thanks anyone.

  recap 13:19 06 Apr 2003

click here and navigate to "Installing USB Support and Setting up USB Peripheral (Device) under Windows" this may be of some help?

  muddypaws 13:38 06 Apr 2003

Recap. Checked that but doesn, take me any further unfortunately.
Any other takers before I call Watford @ 50p a minute!

  howard60 13:48 06 Apr 2003

inside the case? the front usb ports plug onto the mobo and the lead may have lifted. for some strange reason these extra ports are not monitored so they appear to be on the system but of course could not work with the plug partly off.

  muddypaws 15:12 06 Apr 2003

I will have a look. Only had pc for a month. All else ok. What surprises me is that you cab apparently open up the case and add bits etc. without invalidating the warranty. At least I suppose you can.
Do I need an earth strap to check the lead, provided I don't touch anything else?
Are you saying that no front panel ports can be checked under dev. man.?
What are your thoughts on the ref. to 'Mimic ICM DLL'

  Cantillion 15:32 06 Apr 2003

check to see if the USB ports at the front are working - insert a USB device and you should hear the familiar windows "new hardware found" chime. If not, they are either not connected or fried.

Does your PC have warranty seals? Have you contacted tech support? They might be able to guide you through checking the connections to the mobo, or advise that opening the case invalidates the warranty.

  recap 15:33 06 Apr 2003

muddypaws, if you are going to open the case up, turn OFF the power but leave the plug in the wall socket, this will ineffect earth you. Rub your hands on the casing to take any static off you first though. There then should be no need to use an earthing strap.

  howard60 15:47 06 Apr 2003

as recap says - I would also e-mail watford [free] and give them your details and ask for advice - if not forthcoming phone the sales line and invoke the consumers purchase thingys they tend to jump at that. Dont pay high support charges for a 1 month old machine. If all else fails ask for the manager and demand a full refund as not able to perform the purchased functions. But still worth a look it could just be the builder left the wire off the connection. In which case they can either collect it for repair or talk you through it at their expense. I recently helped a friend who had just bought a machine and none of the front lights had been connected.

  muddypaws 15:57 06 Apr 2003

Thanks all. I think I will email Watford first. If they think it's an opening up job they can come for free and rectify. Otherwise I have been more than satisfied with equipment. Front port is not required urgently at the monent, but if it is there it has to work! Cheers.

  muddypaws 13:16 16 May 2003

I posted this in April.
Watford came to-day and fixed it. Apparently I had 6 ports at rear and the 2 in front that weren't working. Must be an extra 2 at the rear- thought I only had 4! The connectors for the 2 front were on the extra 2 at rear. So he swopped them over. Can't see me ever needing 8. Just thought I would let you know!!

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