mds12 16:21 13 Jul 2006

Please someone help. I was on here not so long ago about a problem i had with my PC not recognising an external hard drive. Anyway, after some 'virtual' conversations, i changed it for another (same make)...and another (different make)...and the same again. ITs not seeing it in device manager and today i bought an MP3 player and the same happened again. I recently reinstalled XP but i don't have any problems with the Pc recogniding my memory stick & digi cam. i am really really tearing my hair out trying to get things to work. Some people have told me 'its the driver' but they should not need a driver! Please help...........

  brundle 16:23 13 Jul 2006

are the non-functioning devices USB2? are your functioning devices USB1.1?

  mds12 18:15 13 Jul 2006

Yes the non-functioning devices are USB 2......although the functioning devices are USB 2 also

  T0SH 18:59 13 Jul 2006

With the offending drive plugged in goto device manager and check for any "unknown devices" under the USB headings, if any show uninstall them all then unplug the drive, power down the machine leave it for a couple of mins, then boot up again once you are at the desktop with little or no hard drive activity, plug in the drive and follow the prompts watch carefully for error messages

Cheers HC

  mds12 07:32 14 Jul 2006

Tried that HC with no joy. Thanks anyway. Is it somthing to do with the BIOS?? ANyone know??

  brundle 08:56 14 Jul 2006

can you try the problem device(s) on another PC?
bios settings are usually limited to on/off and usb1/2 support - you appear to have both set correctly

  mds12 09:10 14 Jul 2006

Will do but why on earth would the other things work? Like i say, the first two i bought, i put it down to a faulty batch, but the third one is a totally different make....and with the MP3 player not working OMG! I recently re-installed windows - would that have changed anything?

  brundle 09:25 14 Jul 2006

If anyone knew the answer to that you'd have been able to tick resolved ;)
A reinstall of Windows shouldn't have made any difference - only if there is specific software for any devices that hasn't been re-installed, XP should recognise the device itself is there regardless.
Can you try the devices from a hub with its own powersupply? I presume the HD has a power supply of its own. Do you run a broadband modem via USB ?

  mds12 11:54 14 Jul 2006

Tried using the power supply usb lead - no change. Yes i run broadband via USB. Just tried it on a mates PC so it definitely works - no driver needed

  terryf 11:58 14 Jul 2006

My brother in Canada had this problem, I solved it for him by telling him to check the jumpers on the HD, are yours set to 'Master' ?

  mds12 12:19 14 Jul 2006

sorry terryf - how do i do that - bit of a novice

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