USB port with lightning bolt

  herc182 08:24 17 Apr 2012

Dear all

I have a new laptop which has a USB port with a lightning bolt symbol next to it (it is also an eSata port).

What is special about this USB port?


  Nontek 08:59 17 Apr 2012

The lightening bolt symbol is normally the Battery Charge Indicator!

What make and model is the laptop??

  KRONOS the First 09:02 17 Apr 2012

It means they are high power and can provide more 5v/12v current for power hungry devices such as portable DVD burners. It also means that it is powered even when the laptop is on which would mean you could charge your mobile without having to boot your PC, I believe.

  Batch 09:05 17 Apr 2012

I've seen a few postings on the web that suggest:

-- It is high power (upto 1000mA rather than the usual 500mA)

-- It provides power even if the laptop is not booted up (not sure if the laptop needs to be connected to mains for this to work), so can recharge cameras, mp3 players etc. when laptop is not booted. Although seems some bods have had issues with this working properly on a variety of laptops.

  herc182 09:14 17 Apr 2012

thanks everyone. My laptop is a Dell XPS L702.

So its a high powered USB port. Sounds good - will probably power my ipad then because the other ports dont!

  spuds 10:27 17 Apr 2012

I am very surprised that the new Dell laptop didn't come with a printed or downloadable instruction manual. If you haven't received these, then I would suggest that you do an internet search for them.

All to often nowadays, due to technical advancement of IT equipment, we seem to find that some advantages are not being used, because the person using the device isn't sure on how it should or would really function correctly. To get it wrong could well lead to a void warranty.

Don't get me wrong, I am perhaps as bad as the next person for not doing what I have suggested ;o)

  northumbria61 11:17 17 Apr 2012
  northumbria61 11:21 17 Apr 2012

DELL Support (Manual) enter link description here

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