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  mobileman1953 18:03 04 Sep 2006

hi my computer has 4 usb 2 ports on the back and 1 usb 2 port on the front , the front port is part of a internal card reader, my problem is i have just bought a 1 gig memorex usb travel drive , when i plug it in the front slot i get a message device not recognised, if i plug it in the rear port it works fine, i thought this pointed to my front usb port not working but when i plug my old 32mb pen drive in the front port it works straight away, any thoughts on this problem would be very gratefull

  jimv7 18:17 04 Sep 2006

Some computers were usb 1 in thr front and usb 2 in the rear, this might account for your problem.

  mobileman1953 18:28 04 Sep 2006

would a usb 2 device plugged into a usb 1.1 port work but only at the lower speed

  mobileman1953 19:20 04 Sep 2006

any more theories anybody

  Jackcoms 19:27 04 Sep 2006

"would a usb 2 device plugged into a usb 1.1 port work but only at the lower speed"


Also some devices will only work from rear ports (my USB mouse, for instance). Somebody brighter than me will probably tell you why this should be

  mobileman1953 19:33 04 Sep 2006

thanks Jackcoms i will await more answers if any

  skidzy 19:41 04 Sep 2006

Have you formatted the flash drive first before use,im not sure this will make a difference to your problem,but certainly worth a try.

If you have any data already on the drive,back it up and reformat.

Alternatively,look in device manager.

Control panel/System/Hardware/Device manager/Scroll through and look for Universal Bus you have any yellow exclaimation marks....if so right click it and uninstall,xp will reload the drivers.

You could also try updating the drivers.

Something i know little about is the Bios,it may need usb 2.0 enabled,maybe others can help on this one.

Hope this can help you.

  skidzy 19:45 04 Sep 2006

Just found this,and may be a pointer to what ive said here
obviously it may be a different bios setup on your machine.

  mobileman1953 19:51 04 Sep 2006

thanks skidzy no errors in device manager tried all other suggestiopns but no luck thanks anyway

  skidzy 20:13 04 Sep 2006

Several ideas from this link,not your model but may help. click here

  skidzy 19:10 07 Sep 2006

Ive noticed you have ticked resolved,could you let us know how you fixed the problem..if fixed.

Did the links help.

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