usb plugs on my mobo

  Space Aware 17:07 08 Sep 2006

click here

This picture is from the manual to my mobo.

I have bought a new tower and the plug for the front panel usb plugs are as follows;

i have a 4 pin plug with 4 wires;
black - GND 1
Green - Data +1
White - Data -1
Red - VCC 1

And there is also a 1 pin plug ;

a thick Black wire - Shield

I'm a little stuck, any help very much apreciated!!
Many Thanx

  woodchip 17:19 08 Sep 2006

The number one pin as Red then white then green then Black on the row that as four pins starting from pin one with red wire

  woodchip 17:20 08 Sep 2006

Try it without the Extra thick Black wire - Shield

  Space Aware 17:22 08 Sep 2006

Great, thanx... but what about the black shild wire? ;)

  Space Aware 17:22 08 Sep 2006

ooops, just read that, thanx I'll try it and let you know later!

Cheers buddy!

  woodchip 17:24 08 Sep 2006

All the wire in my first post are correct, do not change them round as you will blow onboard USB fuse (not repairable)

  howard63 17:25 08 Sep 2006

this might be useful
Usb connectors to motherboard

Just follow the labels on the pins
1 +5V = power or pwr = VREG_FP_USBPWR0 = VCC 1
2 +5V = power or pwr = VREG_FP_USBPWR1 = VCC 2
3 USB_FP_P0- = DATA –1
4 USB_FP_P1- = DATA –2
5 USB_FP_P0+ = DATA +1
6 USB_FP_P1+ = DATA +2

ground is obvious
usb2- = data2-
usb2+ = data2+
The case pins will be marked 1 and 2, but the motherboard 3 and 4 (because 1 and 2 for the motherboard are on the back connectors of the board.)
So your set of four pins for port1 on the case gose to the 4 pins marked 3 on the board.
And the set of four marked for port2 on the case go to the set marked 4 on the board.
So you take a 4 wire set for each port +5v, data+, data-, and Ground and match them up to the pins on the board. The colours of the cables are not relevant - it's what's marked on the connectors that counts.

  Space Aware 17:25 08 Sep 2006

Great, thanx for that!
Now for the speaker, line in, microphone, power led, power, led indicator ect ect ect!

  Space Aware 17:31 08 Sep 2006

Howard, so, if i have 2 usb plugs on the front of the case and...
each usb plug has a 4 pin plug both of the plugs (1 for each usb) goes into the top header marked ' USB 3/4 ' ??

  woodchip 17:39 08 Sep 2006

In both rows the red wire goes to pin 1 or 2 followed by the other wire above white green then black the fifth pin is also black extra ground wire

  Space Aware 17:43 08 Sep 2006

got it, brilliant, thanx all!

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