USB Pens

  ACOLYTE 20:24 01 Jan 2005

Are these any good for Backup purposes,i don't mean full system i mean software downloaded like updates and apps,also I'm not sure what if any file system they use,or doesn't it matter.I only ask cos i have xp with ntfs would they work with this or does it need to be fat32,i ask because when i wont to copy the stuff back from the pen would it work on another PC that has a different file system then the one they were copied from.

  Charence 20:43 01 Jan 2005

I've not had any problems with these devices for compatability. Mine's worked on Win 98, Linux Mandrake, Win XP and Win ME. It's file system is FAT32 and if you use it on a Win 98 PC you'll need to have a driver with you (I keep the driver in a floppy disk which I carry around with the "USB pen").

You can use it for backup purposes, and I store several program setup files and programs on it such as AVG7 setup, WS_FTP setup, Stock Control prog, etc. But if you're going to use them for backing up only, then its maybe just easier to burn your files onto a disc. USB Pens are quite expensive compared to CDs. Its a good piece of hardware for moving large files.


  phil 21:09 01 Jan 2005

I have just got one in PC Worlds sale.

PNY Attache, 128mb for £12.

I had to buy one because my new PC doesn't come with a floppy Drive and my daughter needs a way to transfer her college stuff from there to here, and vise versa.

So it's about the same price as a FD but holds far more.

I have used it to transfer some Mp3's from one PC to another. About ten files at a time and it worked a treat.

PC World Kidderminster had plenty when I bought mine so you should find some in your local one.

  Meshuga 21:16 01 Jan 2005

Hi ACOLYTE,I`ve had one for a long time and it works well. I have today transferred NTFS data from one pc to one with Fat32 with no problems.Regards, Meshuga.

  Modo 21:35 01 Jan 2005

Brilliant for the purpose you list.

They can be found very cheap if you shop around.

I use them to give away copies of presentations and documents including full mpeg movie files (USB2 only) - our own films and animations I hasten to add. Saves an absolute fortune on expensive paper, ink and binding - and the recipient is invariably really impressed.

The USB1 version is fine for playing windows media files directly from the disks.

I hold updates, patches and drivers on a 512 Mb Integral pen (£39.99 when I bought it October.)I keep it in my Palm wallet. Whenever I've got a problem PC I ususually have what I need to hand.

  freaky 21:36 01 Jan 2005

Memory Sticks or Pens, which ever you like to call them will work fine with XP.

I have 2 computer here, one is Fat32, the other is NTFS. There is no problem transferring data stored on the Stick from one to the other.

They are ideal for transferring data from one PC to another depending on their capacity. The one I have is 512MB, slightly less than a CD. Provided the data you want to transfer is less than the capacity of the Stick then no problem.

Their cost is easily recoverable over time compared to using a CD at £0.40 per disk.

I think that the days of using an Iomega Zip Drive are numbered since these became available.

Happy New Year.

  ACOLYTE 10:25 02 Jan 2005

Thx, people i had seen these around quite cheap and just wondered if they would be ok,now i know I'm definitely going to get one,maybe 2 depends on the price.


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