USB Pen drives not working

  keith-236785 16:56 15 May 2007

my K7S8XE+ ASROCK system running windows VISTA with a 2600 athlon XP and 1280mb memory has just decided to stop accepting ANY usb pen drives, other things plugged into the same USB port still work such as printer/mouse/light, but my 2 pendrives and my bluetooth adapter refuse to work, windows does not recognise they are attached, i have checked the security of the connections to the motherboard and unplugged/plugged in again, all seems a nice tight fit.

i also lost all the card reader drives which are connected to the other set of USB header pins on the mobo, but after unplugging and refitting them they now work OK,

i am at a loss as to where to go from here, tried device manager and all seems ok, tried uninstalling USB MASS STORAGE and allowing windows to restore them again, that made no difference.

twice on shutdown it has flashed a blue screen up saying something about USB drivers failing but its only on for a second and i cant read anymore,

i have also noticed that on shutdown, my computer will NOT switch off anymore but re-boots back into windows with the message "windows has recovered from a crash" this stays on screen for a while and then goes.

nothing has happened out of the ordinary to cause this, and all worked fine under vista for the 4 weeks i have had it installed, this only happened sunday night. prior to that everything was ok, windows shut down ok,

power setup in the bios is set to stay OFF after a power outage, i am just about to check windows power options, that may solve the re-booting issue.

anyone any ideas?


  Technotiger 16:57 15 May 2007

Hi, try a System Restore back to before this happened.

  keith-236785 15:59 16 May 2007

i could do that but as i said, knoppix is just the same and thats a live linux setup so there is no chance of the install being the problem, i have also run sfc /scannow and that didnt help, it didnt bring up any messages so im assuming it must be the USB ports but it is strange that they recognise my other USB stuff but NOT a usb pen drive.

the USB pen drive works OK on my laptop so i know it isnt that at fault, im just wondering if there is something in my bios that has gone wrong. i have been into the bios and cant find anything relating to the USB that may be the reason.

one last possibility is that i have removed my IDE drive and cable for IDE1, my 2 dvd burners are connected to IDE2 as they always have, i unplugged the power to the IDE drive when i installed VISTA and it has worked for about 4 weeks like that, it was only while i was inside the case checking the USB connections because of this problem that i decided to unplug the IDE cable completely, that cannot be anything to do with the problem though.

i am going to try my USB pendrive in a rear USB connector and if it works i will use an extension cable to get it to the front. i also now have my card reader slots working again from the second set of pins on the mobo, they too had stopped working. im suspecting a faulty motherboard, hope not as my VISTA is an OEM version and is only 4 weeks old, i dont want microsoft telling me that my windows is no longer valid, grrrr

  keith-236785 16:04 16 May 2007

for some strange reason my bluetooth adapter now works in the front USB slot, i am loath to try the USB pen again because every time i do it then wont recognise the bluetooth again, it seems like the auto insert has died for USB pendrives ONLY, this is baffling me now.

i will try the rear port and see if it works,


  moorie- 16:13 16 May 2007

hi had a similar problem in xp,it was to do with drive letter allocation,i used tweakui to correct it

not sure about vista though

in xp my usb devices didnt appear when i right clicked "my computer" manage

  keith-236785 21:29 05 Jul 2007

sorry about not ticking it as resolved.

turns out that one of my USB pens is faulty and only works if you lift it slightly in the usb port.

the other one works fine now as does the freeview stick.

i dont know why it suddenly started working again, but i have since found out my sons USB pen drive wont work on ANY computer except the one at college. so im going to assume it was his faulty stick that caused the major problem, and since he has been banned from this pc, all is now well and working fine.

thanks for any help offered but it seems that time has healed this one ....


  Technotiger 21:33 05 Jul 2007

Alls well that ends well - thanks for the feedback.

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