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  alexgray104 17:30 05 Jun 2007


I have got hold of a Netgear 10/100mbps Printer Server which has 2 parallel connections. One will go to the ancient decade old LaserJet 5, which, naturally, has parallel so all is ok. But my newish inkjet (Canon iP2000), only has a USB connection. This means it cannot currently plug into the printer server. I know you can get cables that will convert an old parallel printer to USB, but can you get a cable that will convert USB to the older parallel interface? i don't mind suffering speed wise..I know parallel is a lot slower than USB...

Many thanks in advance for your much appreciated help...

  jack 17:57 05 Jun 2007
  Woolwell 17:58 05 Jun 2007

What about drivers?

  Joe R 18:00 05 Jun 2007
  alexgray104 18:05 05 Jun 2007

Thanks for link Joe R, but thats what I knew existed already - I want one the other way round - USB at printer end, Parallel at computer end.

Cheers for replies,


  Longhouse 22:01 05 Jun 2007

Try this - I thing this is what you're looking for.

click here


  alexgray104 23:06 05 Jun 2007

Thanks Longhouse - Thats exactly what I'm looking for! Anyone know of a UK source or an american/uk one thats slightly cheaper?!


  jack 08:57 06 Jun 2007

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