USB to Parallel adaptor ... Heavy problem.

  Mark Twain 09:57 21 Aug 2007

I am trying to connect a USB to Parallel adapter under Vista Home on my laptop. I need it to programme a PIC TK3 experimental board. The dedicated parallel port under win XP works fine , the dedicated USB to Parallel cable does not, either under Vista or XP. Has anyone any Idea as to how to proceed. At one time, under Win 98, one had access to the LPT register. Has this now disappeared? The driver which came with the cable is a printer driver I think ... a very differant animal to that which I require. Any help would be appreciated.
In anticipation,

  Stuartli 10:06 21 Aug 2007

If you go to Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes>highlight your printer>File>Properties>Ports tab, you can select a USB port for your parallel printer.

  Mark Twain 16:32 21 Aug 2007

Thanks for the Info stuartli. I am aware of this method but, as it is not a printer I am installing, it is of no use. I need control of the parallel port lines to programme a PIC TK3 experimental board. It is a micro controller, input, output etc., not a printer driver.
'You have any other ideas? I realy need access to the registers, but I don't think that is poss in XP let alone Vista.

  woodchip 16:36 21 Aug 2007

Could it be a faulty cable???

  Mark Twain 17:00 21 Aug 2007

woodchip: No. I have tried 2 cable/driver combinations. The fault lies with the driver software, it works fine for printers, hopeless for my purposes.
The fault lies with my inability to write a USB to Parallel driver. I just dont have the knowlege.

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