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  Garda 16:55 12 Oct 2007

Can anyone please advise me on how difficult or expensive a job it would be to convert my existing USB 1 ports to the current standard of USB 2 on my (now getting on a bit) computer?
Also can USB 2 designated devices such as memory sticks and external storage devices still work using USB 1 ports?
Thanks in advance


  mrwoowoo 17:11 12 Oct 2007

Usb 2 will work ok in usb 1 ports but with a slower transfer rate.
You need to buy a usb 2hub.
click here

  Acx 17:19 12 Oct 2007

You will need something like this (if you have a free pci slot in your computer)

click here

  spuds 18:24 12 Oct 2007

Two minor remarks about the above suggestions.

Using a non-powered hub can sometimes result in non-functioning devices that require a little bit of extra power. Powered hubs are better, especially if using older motherboard.

I have a USB2 Pci card fitted to my computer. For some unknown reason (to me) I keep getting a warning/error message that my connected new printer will work better if I use USB2. But for the cheapness of a Pci card, its worth a try.!.

  Totally-braindead 23:45 12 Oct 2007

What the guys have said is right but I thought I might clarify it a bit.

You cannot convert or alter your existing USB 1.1 ports to USB 2.0. All you can do is buy a USB card which fits in a PCI slot on your motherboard to add USB 2.0 to your computer. And this might be stating the obvious but only the new ports on the card you have just fitted would be USB 2.0. The slots you have on your computer would stay USB 1.1.

The link that Acx gave you is a typical example of a PCI card to give you USB 2.0 and heres some more click here click here

  mrwoowoo 00:53 13 Oct 2007

So my usb2 hub link is only to make more usb 2's available on a pc that has them,is that correct?
Sorry if i steeered anyone in the wrong direction.*head drops down*)O:!

  HCOOH 09:12 13 Oct 2007

Installed one of the NEC chip cards (see Totally-Braindead post) in the wife's USB1 only computer and it works a treat. Even has an internal port if you can find a use for it.

  Diemmess 10:34 13 Oct 2007

Installing a PCI-USB2 card as said is the only way to have USB2 connection on the older computer.

You will get occasional messages on such a setup saying it would be faster if.... but can ignore these.

Data transfer to an external drive or pen drive will be faster with USB 2
Many other things like a printer will run just as fast on USB 1, because the bottleneck is the printer's ability to use the data not the pace at which it becomes available.

  Totally-braindead 16:25 13 Oct 2007

mrwoowoo no you are correct in what you said, as I read it. If you have USB 1.1 and you connect a USB 2.0 device to it it will work(in most cases there are some exceptions) but it will run at USB 1.1 speeds which in the case of an external hard drive will make it so slow it will be almost unusable.
What I was hoping to clarify, and I obviously made the waters a bit more cloudy was, adding a USB 2.0 card is the only way to upgrade the USB from 1.1 to 2.0 and ONLY the ports on the card will be USB 2.0. The original ones on the PC will remain USB 1.1 and CANNOT be changed.

Sorry if I confused things more and Diemmess brings up an equally valid point as well, upgrading to USB 2.0 for the sake of a printer for example will make so little difference its unlikely you will see it. But if you upgrade to USB 2.0 for something like an external hard drive or a pen drive it will make a huge difference. As he points out in the case of something like a printer the bottleneck would be the actual mechanics of the printer itself.

  Ratler 18:16 13 Oct 2007

Allow me to throw a spanner in the works...I have just found out why my Brother DCP120 would only print three lines of an A4 document,,It was plugged into an USB1.1 port and not the IDE USB 2.0. Silly thing to do!

  Totally-braindead 18:23 13 Oct 2007

Ratler in my defence I did say "in most cases there are some exceptions". I have to say though that a printer is not one of the exceptions I was thinking of, I have not seen a printer that did as you said due to it being plugged into a USB 1.1 port. The items I was thinking of that do cause problems with USB 1.1 ports are things like MP3 players.

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