USB Network adapter and Zonealarm

  EFC1878 22:22 17 Jan 2006

looking at a previous post on networking (I am striving to set up a network between mine and my daughters pc) I notice that it was advise dthat if running zonealarm firewall in the 'Host' PC the internet zone security level must be reduced from high to medium of 'ICS' traffic will be turned off.

This leaves me somewhat concerned over the level of protection I will have as it staes thatthe computer will be visible but protected but more importantly it states that this is recommended for temporary internet use.

Given that we have broadband and my daughter uses the PC we are often hooked up to the internet for 2 hours or more whihc does not seme like temporary use to me.

Can anybody advise or allay my fears.

I want to connec tthe network but want firewall protection.

  De Marcus™ 22:25 17 Jan 2006

The setting that worked on mine when I had ZA installed was to leave the internet zone security on high and reduce the trusted zone security to medium or 'sharing mode'.

  igk 22:47 17 Jan 2006

You should not need to reduce any security levels in Zone Alarm just find the IP address of the other computer ie: and enter it in the trusted zone of Zone Alarm on the host pc.If you want to put Zone Alarm on the other pc and still network you will have to do the reverse as well ie find the IP adress of the host pc and enter it in the trusted zone of Zone Alarm so that both pc's can "see each other"
hope this helps..

  EFC1878 23:08 17 Jan 2006

Thanks for the prompt responses.

I am interested to hear that you (De Marcus) had no trouble when you left the internet setting on high as I would feel uneasy reducing it.

In terms of the trusted zone I will reduce this to medium.

I notice that on the 'Host' pc the Belkin adapter is included in the list of zones albeit with a set of zeros for the IP address. Do I have to edit this and enter the IP address number that you 9igk) have detailed above?

In other articles I have seen a differnet number sugeested i.e. Which is correct?

Presumably I would need to do the same in the client pc if anfd when I get connected and download zonealarm.

Thanks again [I feel I may be getting closer to a solution - heres hoping as I want my PC back!!!!]

  mgmcc 23:58 17 Jan 2006

If you are using the 'free' version of Zone Alarm in the "host" PC and the "Internet Zone Security" level is left at High, ICS traffic will be blocked - period!

You can test for yourself, set it to "High" and the Client PC will not be able to access the internet, reduce it to Medium and it will.

  EFC1878 00:00 18 Jan 2006

What are the security implications if I want to be online for long periods (noting the recommendation for tempoaray internet access).

Is it worth upgrading to the pro version (not sure how much that costs)

  mgmcc 00:03 18 Jan 2006

Mention has also been made of entries in the Trusted Zone. Click the "Add" button and select "Subnet", enter in *BOTH* PCs:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Description - {anything} but it needs an entry

Click "OK", then click "Apply" and close Zone alarm.

  mgmcc 00:12 18 Jan 2006

<<< What are the security implications if I want to be online for long periods >>>

If I remember correctly, and I don't have a Windows PC running at the moment, you are still protected but the PC is no longer "invisible". Try running the "Shields Up" test with both High and Medium settings on this website - click here - which has lots of security help.

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