USB modem causes PC to reboot

  Jackcoms 09:03 01 Mar 2007

Not really a problem, more a point of interest.

In the last couple of days I've upgraded from Tiscali's 2Mb service to ADSL Max (8Mb).

For the time being at least I'll continue to use their Sagem Fast 800/840 modem (which is ADSL Max capable).

In preparation for the great day I updated to the latest Sagem drivers earlier in the week and the modem continued to work perfectly.

Last night I found that my modem had disconnected itself from the internet and completely refused to re-connect for about 20 minutes (as it turned out Tiscali were in the process of providing me with the higher line speed!).

As part of my efforts to re-connect during that 20 minute period, I unplugged the modem's USB connection from my tower and immediately the PC rebooted.

In frustration, I reconnected the modem's USB and disconnected several times and each time I disconnected the PC rebooted!

Why should disconnecting a USB modem cause the PC to reboot (it has never done this before) and none of my other USB devices cause the PC to reboot?

Is it something to do with the upgraded drivers or the upgrade to ADSL Max?

As I said I don't see this as a problem more a point of interest.

  Jackcoms 13:38 01 Mar 2007


  Dipso 13:58 01 Mar 2007

This used to happen with the Speedtouch 330 USB modem. It is to do with power drain by the modem.

It can sometimes be resolved by connecting the modem through a powered USB hub but not always.

Speedtouch rectified the problem (for my mate anyway) by providing updated seems strange that this has had the opposite effect in your case.

Are the older drivers not recommended for 8 Meg. You could try rolling back.

May be too late but you need to be careful how many times you disconnect/reconnect when on up to 8 as it can be seen as instability and you could end up with a slower connection speed.

Although some USB modems are said to be compatibile with 8 Meg I always recommend replacing with a router if at all possible.

  skidzy 14:05 01 Mar 2007

I use a speedtouch 330 at one location but on a 2 Meg connection and was advised if i wanted 8 Meg i would have to install the high speed drivers.
I cannot vouch for those drivers as ive not upgraded to 8 Meg.

Maybe this is the same for your modem Jackcoms,or was it the high speed drivers you installed.

  Jackcoms 14:22 01 Mar 2007

"was it the high speed drivers you installed"

Drivers are drivers are drivers as far as the Sagem is concerned.

But that's not my discussion point!

I think Dipso may have pointed me in the right direction.

  Jackcoms 14:31 01 Mar 2007

"you need to be careful how many times you disconnect/reconnect when on up to 8"

So are you saying that, ideally, I should leave the PC switched on and the modem connected 24/7 at least during the 10 day stabilisation period?

I have the PC aet up to hibernate overnight (which will also disconnect the modem).

What do you reckon is best?

  skidzy 14:32 01 Mar 2007

Jackcoms you asked :

" Is it something to do with the upgraded drivers or the upgrade to ADSL Max "

And i asked if you had installed the High speed drivers and i get the reply " But that's not my discussion point "

I give up,this the second or third time now you have posted a sarcastic/blunt message towards me.
If you find my input worthless to you,just say so....

  Jackcoms 15:10 01 Mar 2007

My response was neither sarcastic or blunt (believe me, you'd know if I was being sarcastic).

My discussion point was whether the new drivers and/or upgrade to ADSL Max was causing my PC to reboot when I disconnect the modem's USB cable.

Do you have any thoughts on that issue?

  Dipso 15:10 01 Mar 2007

I would say the overnight hibenation would be fine.

You don't have to be connected 24/7 during the training period...some ISP's even recommend disconnecting once a day. I was connected throughout the training period and this worked for me but I have a router.

I was more referring to repeated disconnects/connects in a short space of need to try and avoid this if possible.

  Jackcoms 16:29 01 Mar 2007

Thanks. Excellent advice, which I'll follow.

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