USB Mobile Disk (flash drive)

  Llwydyn 18:25 05 Feb 2003

Have just bought a 128MB mobile disk from as my documents tend to be larger than the capacity of a floppy. (One of the best things I've ever added to my system to ease the problem of exchanging documents between home and work). It works ok on my pc at work which has Windows 2000. It also works ok at home on my older pc which has Windows 98 SE (once I installed the drivers from the CD). My problem is that once I connect it to my more recent pc which has Windows ME, as soon as it detects the device and attempts to install the drivers, the system locks up with the following message: "USB Mass Storage Device - Windows is installing the software for your new hardware". As soon as I disconnect it, my computer works ok. I've tried using Add New Hardware, disconnecting my firewall and other hardware and software. Has anyone else had similar problems with Windows ME?

  Llwydyn 20:57 05 Feb 2003

A friend has just informed me that a similar device (although not of the same brand name as mine)works ok on his Windows ME based pc!

  Llwydyn 17:17 06 Feb 2003

I do not know if Windows ME is at fault, or if my own PC is at fault. Is it possible that I need to download latest/more up to date drivers for the USB Mass Storage Device for my Win ME OS? How would I find them?

  Llwydyn 16:09 08 Feb 2003

I've informed and the device's makers of my problem - with as yet no response. Seems I'll have to give in for the time being - unless someone out there can help me?!

  Rayuk 17:42 08 Feb 2003

You should instal the drivers and reboot before plugging in the disk.

  Llwydyn 21:45 08 Feb 2003

Thanks Rayuk - one only has to load the drivers for Win 98. Windows ME onwards supports the use of such devices - a 'removable disk' icon should appear as soon as I connect the Mobile Disk in the USB port (as does happen with my other two computers). My computer, unfortunately, locks up as soon as I plug it in. When I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, the message 'Msgsrv32 not responding' appears. I also noticed that when I go to Device Manager > Storage Device > USB Disk, there is a red X to the left of 'USB Disk'. When I click on Driver details, it states that this device is working ok!

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