USB Memory Stick and Win 98SE

  daba 16:56 22 Mar 2003

Can anyone help please.

I have downloaded and installed the required driver for my freecom USB memory stick, and everything is working OK.

However, I can't seem to find the option to put the unplug/eject icon in the systray, as I understand it is necessary to 'stop' the device before un-plugging it (at least that's what I have to do on Win 2K).

Does anyone know how to get it there, or even if it is needed ? There is an 'eject' option on the r-click menu in explorer, but I don't think that is what I am looking for.


  powerless 17:00 22 Mar 2003

When i was running 98 i just unpluged the stick...2 years later it's still going. So just unplug it.

  daba 17:05 22 Mar 2003

Do you want to put that in writing Powerless - oh yeah, you just did - lol.

Thanks for that.

Didn't think memory sticks had been around for 2 years, though...

I'll hang on a bit longer see if there is a systray for '98 though before GT.


  BurrWalnut 17:33 22 Mar 2003

I too have had a memory stick for nearly 2 years. The icon appears on my ME system but not on the 98SE one.

The only (minor) problem I have had on 98SE is that I have to give it a few seconds to "wind down" before removing it, otherwise the screen freezes.

  BurrWalnut 17:39 22 Mar 2003

I didn't explain my previous reply very well.

When copying to the key, explorer suggests that the copying is finished but in reality it's still flashing, presumably clearing the buffer so I wait until it returns to the slow flashing - a bit like a floppy disk LED.

  recap 18:05 22 Mar 2003

There is no systray icon in W98se, I believe it is O/S higher than W98se that they started putting this option on.

  Gongoozler 18:08 22 Mar 2003

I use Memory Stick in my Sony camera and also have a Generic 6in1 usb card reader from 7dayshop and use Windows 98se. I just plug the stick into the reader and unplug it when finished. The only complication I find is that I have to boot to Windows before I plug the reader or camera in.

  daba 22:52 31 Mar 2003

seems like '98 don't be bothered by unplugging - anyway I've been doing it and it ain't broke yet.

Burrwalnut, thanks to you I've learnt that there's a LED on the side of it ! (wondered what that little spot was for???). Where I use it it's hidden, but I now have a hub so can see it.

resolved - ta again

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