USB Memory Stick Security

  Skuby 19:30 29 Dec 2010

Hi, does anyone know of a way I can secure my data on a USB Memory Stick & make it un-usable if it were to get lost or stolen?

I've found a few progs on internet but they seem over complicated & most only seem to create a large encrypted file so store my files in.

Idealy it would lock the Memory Stick encrypting the data on there if possible.


  Ford Prefect 01 19:40 29 Dec 2010

They are not cheap, but they do the job very well. My only other piece of advice is don't lose it!!

click here

  GaT7 19:45 29 Dec 2010

The free TrueCrypt click here is the one you want. It's not as complicated to use as you might imagine & does its job very well (as good as most, if not all, paid-for similar software). It uses the 'encrypted container' method, which is actually much more convenient than having to individually encrypt/decrypt every file you need securing.

I think there's also a 'mobile' version built-in that can be used even if the host system doesn't have TrueCrypt installed.

Tutorial with screenshots at click here. Once you create a basic container, accessing your secure files isn't very difficult. Just don't forget the password. G

  Skuby 20:03 29 Dec 2010

Thanks for replies.

Ford Prefect, yes this is what I want it to do, but like you say they are a bit pricey, but I suppose you get what you pay for.

Crossbow, I tried to download the Truecrypt file but it will not run on my sys (Win 7), not sure why tried several times.

Thanks for speedy reply guys.

  Ford Prefect 01 20:10 29 Dec 2010
  Ford Prefect 01 20:13 29 Dec 2010

One other thing I left my one in my jeans.

It went round in a 60 degree wash and to my amazement, and joy to my bank balance it still works!!

  robin_x 20:49 29 Dec 2010

I lost a flash card last year. Turned the house upside down looking for it. It was in the boot of the car. Silly me, should have looked their first.

Axcrypt is a simpler version of Truecrypt. Have a look.

click here;1

  robin_x 20:51 29 Dec 2010


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