USB memory stick screws up Windows XP

  Wagunya 10:39 11 Oct 2005

I have recently made numerous attempts to run a USB 2 - 512 MB ‘Huke Platinum Drive’ on my machine. At each attempt the operation of the machine is screwed up in one way or another.
On inserting the drive into a USB port on no occasion does Windows say new hardware has been detected, Sometimes the drive shows in ‘My Computer’ but it can’t be run, other times it doesn’t appear there.
Sometimes the drive shows in ‘Safely remove hardware’, other times it doesn’t appear there.
In both of the above instances attempting to either run the drive or select to delete it causes Windows to give up until the drive is removed from the port.
However, plug the drive into a USB 2 port on another machine that has a similar Operating System (XP-Home-SP2) the drive functions OK.
A 125 MB drive stick functions OK in one of the other USB ports.

  Hyperangelic 10:44 11 Oct 2005

The possibilities are endless, but it may just be the USB port. Some ports - particularly on the front - are difficult to get some USB sticks fully inserted into. Try a back port and make sure the stick is fully inserted. Does the USB drive have an LED or anything on to check it is working?

What OS is on your PC? If it is XP it may not say new h/w found, but just bring it up in My computer. If it comes up there, do you get an error when you click on it?

also, so you use a USB hub or card? they can cause conflicts also.

  freaky 11:21 11 Oct 2005

Windows XP supports Memory Sticks, therefore when you plug one in you will not get a message saying "new hardware found". Instead, after connecting the stick, go to My Computer.....this should now show "USB Disk(1)".

The fact that it works OK on the other PC with XP-Home-SP2 means there is nothing wrong with the stick.

Therefore the problem must lie with the version of Windows you are using. If it is not XP with SP1 & SP2, then that is the cause, as the drive is not supported. However, you may be able to download a Driver for the Memory Stick.

  Wagunya 16:20 11 Oct 2005

I have tried the stick in both ports on the back of the Machine, a port on the front of the machine and one of the four ports on a loose mini hub.
I have checked the insertion each time.
The drive LED is permanently ON.
The operating system is XP SP2 with all updates.
When the drive Icon does appear in 'My Computer'and it is clicked thats when the system freezes.
The data with the stick says there is no need to to add a driver with XP2 but never- the -less I asked Windows to search for a better driver and the the responce was the driver was up to date.
Thank you for responding.

  freaky 17:33 11 Oct 2005

Just checked my Stick, once it is plugged in then it lights up for a second or so then goes out. The fact that yours stays on could be the symptom of the cause.

Are you certain that the USB Port's on the PC that is locking-up are USB(2) not USB(1). Because if they are USB(1) then that could cause the problem you are experiencing.

  Wagunya 20:23 11 Oct 2005

Thanks for your additional comments.
In the advanced BIOS features for the OnChipUSB the available options are (Disabled) - (V1.1+V2.0) and (V1.1).
The option selected is (v1.1+V2.0).
Nil Desperandum!

  freaky 09:58 12 Oct 2005

How old is the MOB on the PC that is having the problem? The reason I am asking is to determine whether or not it is USB 1 or 2. Earlier boards had USB(1), therefore a PCI USB(2) Card had to be fitted.

  Wagunya 15:06 12 Oct 2005

I purchased the motherboard about two and a half months ago. I cant say at this point what the date of its manufacture was. It cant be all that old since it supports both IDE and Serial ATA devices.
The Product Specification in the Manual issued with the board says;
USB2.0 - Build-in nForce2 MCPS supports total 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports.- Supports USB 2.0 High-Speed Device @ 480 Mb/s Transfer Rates.

  freaky 15:17 12 Oct 2005

Blast!!! That eliminates another possible cause of your problem. Cannot think of any other suggestions at present.....let's hope somebody else can.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:22 12 Oct 2005

Any idea wat chipset is used for the USB ports?

Via are notoriously awkward. if you have the Via chipset you will need the the Hyperpro or Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers. click here

  Wagunya 21:04 12 Oct 2005

Fruit Bat the answer to your suggestion = 'pass', but in searching to answer this I noticed that in the BIOS / Integrated Peripherals / Onboard Device / USB Keyboard_storage Support was set to Enabled. Since I do not have such a keyboard I set this to Disabled then exited the BIOS, let the machine complete its startup where-upon Windows looked upon all the existing devices connected to USB ports as new hardwear and chased up a driver for one of the devices.At the same time in 'Device Manager'the data under USB Devices was re-arranged and altered.
After completing this I plugged the Huke stick into one of the spare USB ports and Bingo! the machine recognised the stick and it now holds data that I have written to it.
Thank you all for responding to my problem.
My best regards, Wagunya.

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