USB Memory Stick - Saga

  bgrave 12:20 17 Sep 2007

I thought that I would share this with you :-About a month ago I lost/mislaid a 2Gb USB memory stick, it contained a great number of old black & white titled photo images which I was digitising for several museums. They were concerned that they might loose their exclusive ownership. I went over my movements, all the shops etc, PC World car park but to no avail.
This weekend the memory stick was found; in our washing machine where it had endured at least six washing cycles. I dried the memory stick out plugged it in but it was not recognised. So having nothing to loose I immersed it clean water for a while and then rinsed it under the tap dried it with tissues. Then I squirted Isopropyl Alcohol down the USB connection dried it out and placed it in a warm place for a while(PC Case) plugged it in and it now works.

  justme 12:30 17 Sep 2007

If I were in your position I would make copies of the photographs onto cds or even the hard disc as once electronics have been wet they are liable to fail without warning. This applies particularly if the board has been powered up while it was still contaminated.

You may be lucky and get away with it but is it worth the risk if the photographs are so important to you and others. Backups are very necessary and you should have had a backup anyway.

  bgrave 14:12 17 Sep 2007

The images on the USB Memory Stick were backup I had the originals on HD I did not want any one else to get at them.

  bgrave 14:12 17 Sep 2007

The images on the USB Memory Stick were backup I had the originals on HD I did not want any one else to get at them.

  User-1015816 18:59 27 Jan 2008

Hi, just so you don't feel so silly bgrave, let me share my own USB stick nightmare. I washed my work trousers this weekend as normal, thinking I had emptied all the pockets. However, when I took out the clothes to dry them, I was horrified to find the USB memory stick I use for work sitting innocently at the bottom!! The files on there were all original documents, so I was having kittens about whether they were still there! So, I let the stick dry overnight, and tried it this morning in my laptop to see how it behaved. As we speak, its little LED light is blinking intermittently at me, and Windows keeps telling me it really didn't like its wash, in not so many words! Luckily it worked long enought to allow me to copy the files, which all are still there (phew!) to HD and my personal USB memory stick.
Drying mine off seemed to have worked, but this is the last time I leave my trouser pockets unemptied after work!!

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