USB Memory Stick problems

  daxa 16:15 31 Oct 2007

on connecting my memory stick through usb connection whilst recognized in system task bar it does not open window cannot acess the drive.its does not show as an external drive.

  rdave13 18:48 31 Oct 2007

If xp does it not show up as a removable drive under 'my computer'?

  HCOOH 20:39 31 Oct 2007

Are you using a USB 2.0 stick in a USB 1.0 port.

  Arnie 16:21 02 Nov 2007

Try clicking on My Computer and see if it shows as an additional drive.


I think you will find most sticks are backwards compatible and should work in a 1.0 port, albeit more slowly.

  02whitwortha 10:42 07 Nov 2007

i get an extra drive when i put in my college memory stick that has an auto run it is write protected and read only and i dont know the make or key number if anyone knows a way to get rid of it and give me back my full memory that is stated on my memory stick it would be helpful thanks


  Totally-braindead 13:58 08 Nov 2007

Does the memory stick have a little lock switch on it? Some do and that might be causing it.
If not try it on another PC and at least then you will know if its the stick or your PC.

  laterunner 16:47 20 Nov 2007

All sorted now thanks

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