USB memory stick advice wanted

  immer 10:00 09 Sep 2012

With such a vast number of usb memory sticks available would it be possible for PCAdvisor to publish a list of comparative notes. The download speed/ write speed is easily overlooked when looking at capacity, or suitability for having an operating system mounted on a usb. I could use some advice here please. Especially with usb2 against the new usb3. More to that: and which have good as against useless key ring loops. (I lost one because of a rubbish hook loop! )

  chub_tor 19:55 09 Sep 2012

Why not look at a site such as this one and click on the various ratings for a detailed comparison. Or alternatively this one.

  immer 20:10 09 Sep 2012

Thank you, these are indeed interesting, and the sort of thing I would to see expanded upon in PCAdvisor. The American format looked good but I prefer stuff that is UK generated in that it related to our local products.

  Furkin 08:45 10 Sep 2012

Not sure about the tecnical side of things, but you may like to know, that there are some out there with a 'vault' feature; if the stick is found/stolen, they cannot accesss the files without the password.

  Housten 15:46 10 Sep 2012


I am certain chub_tor posted the site addrsses with the best of intentions, but I am very sceptical about their testing and statements of USB 3.0 pendrives. On the second web site there are 5 pen drives listed, one does the transfer of the 700 MB test file in 17 secs, with no speed given. The other 4 have what I think as some very distinctly dodgy information given about them. Now I am probably being a bit naive but here goes. One has a transfer speed of 93 MB/s, yet takes 16 secs to transfer the file. OK, I accept there must be some sort of 'overhead', but 16 secs when others do it in what I would say was a 'more honest way'!! For instance one has a transfer rate of 38.9 MB/s and does it in 18secs, another's transfer rate is given as 31.5 MB/s and does it in 25 secs, whilst the last one transfers at 32.6 MB/s and does it in 23 secs. It all seems a bit fishy to me.

So I do not have a computer with USB 3.0, but I would question whether they are worth the cost involved. About a year or so ago I saw an advert for a pen drive that I didn't believe, and am certain it was a fake/forgery. But I thought 'What the hell' and ordered it. I thought I would lose my money, but I didn't, it just took a long time to arrive. OK it is a USB 2.0, but it does say that it is a 'Kingston' on one side and 'DT310' on the other. It claims to 256 GB, but it is not, it is 255 GB!! Oh, the price, by the way, was just about £12.50!!! Whether it's a fake or not, I don't care, it works that's all that worries me. Yes I know it encourages the wrong people, but at that sort of price, I find it very, very, very hard to ignore!!!

  immer 19:33 10 Sep 2012

It is indeed a jungle isnt it !

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