USB Memory pen/stick, portable memory, any good?

  Ineke 11:43 04 Jun 2003

I regularly come across advertisements for a (cheap, appr £30, mail-order)USB memory stick/pen with the capacity of umpteen floppies. It seems too good to be true, so I tried to find one in the local computershops but they only have the more elaborate ones for music, video etc. A lot more expensive of course. My husband only needs extra storage for a series of floppies containing the family tree, so the simple cheap one would be ideal. The fact they are not available in High St shops, puts me off a bit. Does this mean they are no good, too good to be true,have been replaced by better ones, or are so new they haven't reached the shops yet? Please help.

I brought a 128Mb USB memory pen from Dabs for about £35, and it's excellent for saving my files at home/work and then transporting them around.

You won't regret getting one.

Shop around though as there are large variations in the prices being asked.

  soy 11:48 04 Jun 2003

They have been around for a while now and are always advertised in computer mags. Alot of my friends use them for transporting there files to university and back home again. They are very useful as they can be fit onto a key chain or fin in your pocket nicely. It sure beats carring floppies!

Have a look here click here

Just checked the web site and found that the 128 Mb USB drive has now been reduced to £27.50, with plenty in stock.

If you can afford it pay the little bit extra and get the 256 Mb version instead.

  -pops- 11:53 04 Jun 2003

The only thing that's wrong with these things is that being so small they are very easily lost. Get one that fits on to a key chain and make sure you fit it to said chain!!


Mine came with two straps, one short and one long.

I use the longer one and keep it around my neck. I always know where it is then.

The 256 Mb USB drive at is £55.00

  Ineke 12:28 04 Jun 2003

You have answered my question. I knew I could count on you all. Thanks.

  captain birdseye 12:29 04 Jun 2003

Well worth the money, simple to use and easier than transporting floppies. Are auto detected by Win 2k and XP but you will need to load the drivers (from the supplied cd) for Win 98SE.

Mine came with neck strap and key fob attachment.

  Monitor Master 13:21 04 Jun 2003

Hello i have a 64mb one which i payed £18.50 for and they are now only 11.74 from click here this company also do USB 2 ones !!!!

I use mine for college to home work transfer works well

  zanwalk 13:40 04 Jun 2003

Another solution which I favour is to buy a USB Compact Flash card reader, and then buy CF memory in sizes to suit, it works out cheaper in the long term and is very little more bulky. 64Mb CF is available for around £12.50 and card reader for just over a fiver from here:

click here

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