lincolnb 08:10 12 Aug 2004

I am trying to download pictures from my Minolta Dimage s304 Digital camera via a USB 2 port to my computer running Windows 98 SE but it is very slow it takes about 30 minutes to do five photos.

The USB 2 drivers are installed and enabled, in the BIOS i find that no USB Mass Storage device is Loaded/enabled and i think this is the problem?

I have installed everything from the disc that came with the camera.
I am using AZUS P2P800S motherboard, lots of RAM and Memmory installed and large hard drive.

Where can i find the mass storage device and is thsi the cause of the slow transfer rate?

  cga 08:16 12 Aug 2004

I suspect the reason this is slow is because of the limitations imposed by the camera.

I would always recommend buying a USB multi card reader. They are very cheap and this will be a lot faster.

  lincolnb 10:50 12 Aug 2004

Do not think the camera is the problem as on my other computer at home running windows 98 not 98se transfer is much faster.

  lincolnb 10:51 12 Aug 2004

Do not think the camera is the problem as on my other computer at home running windows 98 not 98se transfer is much faster.

  Salinger 11:00 12 Aug 2004

I had a Minolta S304 but never downloaded from it. I used a card reader right from the start. You would be well advised to get one.

  nick_j007 11:11 12 Aug 2004

That does sound painfully slow.

Although the PC is USB 2 equipped, the camera will only allow the data to go onto the PC at usb 1 speed as that is the data type for your camera.

It is likely that there are a few USB 2 card readers out there such as this after a very quick search click here

If you're using a large compact flash it will take a while to copy them over. I would recommend a cheap and cheerful usb 1 card reader to save your batteries on the camera anyway. I use this one:click here

You should find your device under the My Computer icon (not familiar with '98).
Others here can point you in the right direction to test the speed of your usb2 port with a link or two.

So, in a nutshell, if I'm not mistaken you will not get usb 2 speed transfer unless you place the card in a usb 2 reader. otherwise, you will have usb 1 speed.

I use a 1gig CF card and even when this is full it only takes putting the kettle on, and a bit of messing about before they are all copied over on to my hard drive using the usb1 reader as shown in my link above.



  lincolnb 11:32 12 Aug 2004

The cd with the camera has drivers for usb2 on it which i have installed so i thought it should go thro at usb 2 speeed?
Looks like i may have to purchase a card reader

  cga 11:45 12 Aug 2004

You wont regret it for all the other reasons mentioned.

And an additional one - if you travel to family, as I do, you can take it with you and upload your pics to them without any software installation.

  lincolnb 10:20 16 Aug 2004

Tried down loading the picture from my camera on my home computer at the weekend (usb 1) and the tranfer rate is 10 times faster than the usb 2 connection i have on the other computer, so i think it must be something to do with the computer set up i have. Anyone any ideads about setting up the computer properly. Tha camera cd has the drivers for USB 2 on it and they have been installed.

  lincolnb 08:04 17 Aug 2004

Do not know what i did but the computer seems to have fixed itself overnight and now downloads quickly 400 photos in less than 10 minutes

  jack 08:25 17 Aug 2004

Glad you are sorted.
But please take note that data transfer hiccups twixt camera and computer can usually be pointed to to the camera software.
A properly set up cumputer with USB does not need software to be aware of an external device.
Try running after deleting the camera software

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