USB Keyboard & Mouse Not Working

  Mr Confused 12:41 03 Jan 2009

I having a problem where my USB keyboard and mouse are not working on my PC throughout the BIOS startup or when the Windows Vista login page appears. I'm not sure why this is happening as I don't think I've installed any new software recently which could hae possibly caused a conflict. I've tested both devices on another PC and they both work fine. The USB ports seem to be functioning in some sense as they are able to power and charge my iPod and also the red glow of the optical laser on my USB mouse still appears - yet it is not able to move the cursor.

Please note that I do not have PS2 ports on this computer and therefore cannot use PS2 keyboards/mice. Also I cannot see how I can get in to Safe Mode (or use the Vista Restore CD) as I am unable to use the keyboard/mouse!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Pamy 12:51 03 Jan 2009

USB will not work untill Operating System has loaded

  Mr Confused 12:58 03 Jan 2009

It does not work at all including in Windows.

  howard64 13:01 03 Jan 2009

I have a pc without ps2 ports and the usb kbd and mouse work from the switchon.I would suggest you wait to get into windows then run system restore to go back. If it is a driver conflict this may have fixed it.

  Mr Confused 13:08 03 Jan 2009

I've tried pressing F8 when first switching on the PC (to get in to safe mode) but the keyboard doesn't communicate with the PC. As I have several Windows User Accounts, Vista loads up as normal to the User Account Page but obviously I can't log in to Windows from there as I cannot use the mouse or keyboard and therefore I can't see how I can do a system restore.

  Pamy 13:17 03 Jan 2009

Do you have any other USB ports you can plug your keyboard and mouse into?
I think the problem is with the USB contolers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:22 03 Jan 2009

Enter the BIOS using a wired keyboard(PS2) and set USB legacy (for DOS) to Enabled.

  Pamy 13:27 03 Jan 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\, he has no Ps/2

  Mr Confused 13:29 03 Jan 2009

Yes I have 6 USB ports in total - 4 on the back 2 on the front. The devices were plugged in at the back so I've switched them to the front but still to no avail. If it is the USB controllers, how can I best sort this? As you can imagine its difficult to do anything on the PC without a mouse or keyboard - not sure how to move forward from this.

I did just startup the computer and switch it off by the power button during the startup process and then on again, which made the computer go in to something called Startup Repair. It did a scan automatically and now has a pop up box saying "Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore?" Annoyingly though I can't push the Restore button.

  Pamy 13:35 03 Jan 2009

How about the keyboard or is that still not working, try entre key a few times

  Mr Confused 13:43 03 Jan 2009

Nothing I'm afraid - the mouse won't move, the keyboard won't type.

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