USB keyboard and BIOS

  Graham. 22:23 28 Nov 2008

How is it that when in BIOS, and USB is not yet active, I can make changes using the USB keyboard?

  Switcher 22:32 28 Nov 2008

You are using USB in DOS mode

  I am Spartacus 22:36 28 Nov 2008

The BIOS provides USB support independent of an operating system. Mine even recognises a Bluetooth USB connection.

  Graham. 22:50 28 Nov 2008

So, although there is no power to the USB (the mouse LED is not lit), it can still communicate?

  Switcher 22:53 28 Nov 2008

There is power to the USB socket even when PC is switched off.

  Graham. 22:58 28 Nov 2008

But not enough to light my keyboard and mouse?

  Switcher 23:10 28 Nov 2008

Perhaps my statement above above is motherboard dependant.

Some motherboards power the USB ports from the 5V standby rail on the PSU (the one that stays on when the rest of the PSU is shut down).

  woodchip 23:27 28 Nov 2008

BIOS is Active from Switching the PC on, and BIOS is why the USB keyboard works. Look in BIOS page for USB You will see what activates it, If you disable USB you will need a PS/2 keyboard to reactivate it

  Graham. 23:33 28 Nov 2008

Thanks. The reason for my interest in this is my new all singing all dancing computer is sometimes reluctant to activate the USB keyboard and mouse when I awake from Sleep (it's Vista).

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