USB to internet converter???

  tasslehoff burrfoot 01:13 18 Sep 2005

Hi folks

Long time no post. Anyway, I have a slight modem related problem which I hope somebody can help with.

I have recently moved home. I own a router, which I purchased whilst receiving cable BB in my previous home, to which I connected my modem via ethernet. I now have a BT(spit) line and my new ISP has provided me with a modem which doesn't have an ethernet connection.

Is there anyway I can connect my modem to my router?

Is there such a thing as a USB to ethernet converter?

A friend brought round a cable modem which he owns and said there exists a device to convert an RJ11(45? normal phone line) to a cable connection. Anyone heard of that? where can I find one?

Any help appreciated.


  Thalmus 01:22 18 Sep 2005

Yes they do exsist click here never used before but should work.

ps. funny to see you here, i was reading dragonlance only this morning.......

  Thalmus 01:29 18 Sep 2005

sorry scratch that, its the wrong way round

  tasslehoff burrfoot 11:44 22 Sep 2005

That looks like something I could use in conjunction with this click here?

With my modem (having a male connecter) going into one end and the other end going into the lead to which you link, and then a cat5 cable going from that into the router?

Does anyone know if that would work?


  tasslehoff burrfoot 12:27 22 Sep 2005

If I do this, will the modem be able to draw power?

I understand that normally, USB devices draw power from the PC they are connected to. I'm guessing this will not be possible in this case?



  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:49 22 Sep 2005


  Tim1964 00:00 23 Sep 2005

I'll soon be in the exact same sitution (NTL cable BB to ADSL) I'm looking into getting this click here as I have a Linksys wireless router already.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:22 23 Sep 2005

would it cause problems if my router is a different brand (Edimax). I have heard that Belkin products sometimes don't like talking to other brands, would lynksis be okay?



  mgmcc 00:25 23 Sep 2005

Tasslehoff Burrfoot,

With ADSL, you need to use a combined "Router/ADSL Modem". The reason for this is that ADSL in the UK uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and "stand-alone" routers, as used with Cable Broadband, normally only support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). In any event, you cannot use a USB modem with a router.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:31 23 Sep 2005

Thanks for the info.

The modem to which Tim1964 links has an ethernet connection. Can this be used (it does say ADSL).

Sorry if I'm being a bit dim.


  mgmcc 09:23 23 Sep 2005

I believe that it is possible, but EXTREMELY difficult, to set up a stand-alone (Cable/DSL) router with a separate ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection. The problem, as already mentioned, is the need for PPPoA protocol which your router won't support.

The Linksys modem that Tim1964 links to would be fine for connecting directly to a PC, but introduce the router and you have the problem.

I really would urge you to get the kit that is best suited to the task in the first place - a combined Router/ADSL Modem. Otherwise, apart from tearing your hair out, it could well end up costing you more to sort it all out later.

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