USB - Intel82371AB/EB - XP problem?

  Jas14 09:08 07 Jan 2003
  Jas14 09:08 07 Jan 2003

I have a P2 266 which runs either Win98SE or XP Pro. I rarely use Win98 now and it is my aim to eventually remove Win98. The machine has 2 USB ports.

I recently purchased a Mustek USB scanner as my first USB peripheral but having followed the instructions to allow XP to locate the scanner it failed to do so.

On advice, I went in to device manager and looked at the USB section and the folowing entry (the only one under USB) had tha classic exclamation mark in the yellow circle.

Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB etc

Further examination of the properties of the Intel entry revealed a code 10.

I then went into W98 and installed the scanner iaw the instructions and everything was fine. The scanner used 470 of the 500 ma available on the port and worked perfectly.

Inspection of the device manager in Win98 showed an additional entry of "USB Root Hub", there were no exclamation marks on any of the entries.

I have searched this forum, Intel & Microsoft and have not yet found an answer. I reinstalled XP and the only incompatability shown was the WinFax Pro 10, but that is another question.

I found a couple of entries from Flecc about O and U type of port, which might be relevant but why should a USB port work in Win98 and not in XP?


  Gongoozler 09:45 07 Jan 2003

Jas14, I searched for a reference to the Intel 82371 in Windows XP at the excellent USBman web site and on this page click here I found this message:-

"I had the same problem as you. I have been running Win 2K, with the USB working fine.

I have a Asus motherboard, with the USB controler on the motherboard. I installed XP and the controller was not starting up ( Error 10 ).

In Win XP, I deleted the USB controller. Then I COLD rebooted.

In my BIOS setup screen there were two settings for my USB. I changed the settings of one of these from "Default" to "Enable IRQ". Then I rebooted, and poof, it worked."

  Jas14 12:29 07 Jan 2003

It was the enable IRQ element that solved the problem.

I am still fascinated as to why the BIOS let the scanner work in 98 but not in XP. I will not be checking back to see whether the scanner still works in 98!

Again thanks.


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