USB hubs in Monitors

  Biggles no more 17:14 21 Jan 2003
  Biggles no more 17:14 21 Jan 2003

I have a 1998 PC with USB 1.0 and W95. In 2000 I upgraded to W98SE, which I understand makes it USB 1.1.

The new 19" Iiyama monitor has four USB sockets according the this month's PCA review. I assume they are USB 2.0. If I were to buy this monitor, would I have a PC with USB 2.0, or would those monitor sockets be slowed down by my elderly PC and/or W98SE?

If I can get USB 2.0 by this method, it would solve one of the many problems I face at the moment.

  AndySD 17:18 21 Jan 2003

To get the hub to Run at USB 2 you will need to add a PCI USB 2.0 card to your PC otherwise it will run at the slower speed

  Rayuk 17:21 21 Jan 2003

I have the Pro451 and in the manual it states it is Rev.1.1 compliance.
If yours is the 454 check your manual under specifications and it should tell you.
Sorry reread your post/will just shoot over to Iiyama website

  Biggles no more 17:32 21 Jan 2003

Doesn't the monitor come with cards/drivers to make the USB work? If not, what is the point of buying it?

If this means opening up the case, it is a non-starter. I am a complete disaster with anything technical. In any event, the PC would be disposed of later this year so it isn't worth doing anything to it. The monitor will move with me to my new PC when I have saved enough cash. I simply wanted to use a USB 2.0 peripheral now without having to worry about buffer underuns which (according to PC World) will happen if I try to use most modern USB peripherals.

I should have known the answer would not be that easy. It never is.

  Rayuk 17:32 21 Jan 2003

Doesnt say on the website what rev the 454 usb is.Annoying when they dont give you details like this in reviews.

  Rayuk 17:33 21 Jan 2003

If it is the 454 its 1.1 rev
click here

  AndySD 17:38 21 Jan 2003

The monitor will come with a usb cable to connect to the preaent USB on the PC and the Drivers ect. If you are intending to keep it with a new PC then its worth it (in my opinion)I use the 1.1 hub on mine with no fact I find it a great plus to have easy access to the USB ports.)

  Djohn 17:58 21 Jan 2003

Funny enough I had this question myself a couple of days back,so I sent an e-mail to *flecc* for the answer.

Win x9 will not support USB2.from the M/Board. win xp will, (but only with the correct patch!)

Win x 9, IE: 98, 98se, and win ME, will run USB2 with a belkin or similer PCI card, but only from the card and not from the board itself.

The cards cost between £40-00 and £70-00 each, depending on how many ports.

So my printer works at USB1 through the Monitor hub, and my Canon scanner works at USB2 through the PCI card at the rear of my PC.

Hope this information helps. Regards, J.

  Rayuk 18:11 21 Jan 2003

As you will be getting another pc later, no doubt it will come with WinXP and also onboard usb2.0.You could also have usb 2.0 connectors integrated in the front of the case.
As with AndySD I also use the hubs on my Iiyama and find it very convenient.

  Biggles no more 16:34 25 Jan 2003

I think I understand. My main reason for considering the purchase of a monitor now, rather than with a new PC, was to get USB 2.0 now to use with peripherals bought for the new PC. As I cannot get USB 2.0 by this method, there is little point in buying this monitor, especially as the review highlighed by Rayuk is fairly critical of the quality of this monitor.

I am a little confused at the way USB sockets in a monitor actually work. I had assumed they connected to the PC via the monitor cable, but if they are simply a hub, connected to the PC USB sockets, I do not see the point of them. Surely, easier just to buy a USB hub? By the way, I have been told that USB hubs do not work on USB 1.0. I am still unclear if the use of W98SE actually updates USB 1.0 to USB 1.1.

I have also been told that USB 2.0 is backwards compatible to USB 1.0 (with W98SE), albeit with a slower transfer rate, but I have also been told this is not the case. Does anyone actually know? Looking at external CDRW discs in PC World, I noticed that some state that "Buffer Underrun Software is required" if running USB 1.1. It is quite a minefield for the uninitiated and a clear explanation in simple terms would be very welcome indeed.

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