ANTHONY-268247 17:02 29 Dec 2005

I have twu four port USB hubs provided free by Serif
one is USB1 the other is USB 2

Any one know how to install them

They are both found by the plug and play wizard but it can't find the drivers

There is no manufactures name on the items so I can't download a driver iether

Is there a generic driver I could use
Thanks Tony

  TomG 17:04 29 Dec 2005

What operating system are you using? I suspect that its pre xp/w2k - you will need to go to the manufacturers website and download them

  Carbonara 17:27 29 Dec 2005

I have several USB Hubs both powered and unpowered models. Can't remember installing Drivers for any of them.

  Carbonara 17:29 29 Dec 2005

The ones from Serif are unpowered so that may prove a problem depending on your machine.

  bazb 17:30 29 Dec 2005

Hi anthony

I have just installed the four port USB 2 hub provided free by Serif without any problems.

It just came up as a Generic USB 2 Hub, and installed itself and works fine.

Windows XP Home SP2

  ANTHONY-268247 17:34 29 Dec 2005

I am useing XPhome with SP2
Computer is an Evesham 512 ram 2600 pentium 4
Both hubs are inpowered and the plug and play wizard acts the same with both

Every one says that drivers are not needed but I can only report as I find


  jack 17:36 29 Dec 2005

Anthony UK
What system?
Hubs generaly are simply 'junction boxs' no drivers required in any system, providing they are USB aware.
Win 95/98 were not USB aware.
Win98SE is but will beed drivers for specific devices but not the hub- just the gizno plugged into it.
USB 1/2 makes no difference really if your MoBo/System is not USB 2 enabled

  jack 17:42 29 Dec 2005

There is more
Your system should cope. However if many unpowered USB devices are plugged in to the hub then the PSU will be pulled down and not deliver the current recquired- Unpowered things like some scanners/media card readers /flash drives/ even some external hard drives rely on the computer suppling power so eventually nothing works because tghe PSU cant hack it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 29 Dec 2005

Each USB port on the PC can deliver 500mA

if you plug in a 4 point hub then thats 125mA per port on the hub

load up the hub with power hungery devices (scanners printers modems) then you could overload the port and blow onboard fuse.This then means your USB on that port has gone forever.

  ANTHONY-268247 18:05 31 Dec 2005

I have two USB ports on the back of my computer off the motherboard and an extension lead from the mother board to the front of the computer with two more ports

Most of my USB devices work perfectly from any port

I can not get iether of the two hubs one USB1 and the other USB2 supplied by Serif to work on any port

The pnp detects them and askes for the driver.

I also have a Medion webb camera that does the same and then says it cant find a driver on the installation disc

Still tying to understand working of USB hubs

  De Marcus™ 18:17 31 Dec 2005

Plug the hub in, navigate to device manager and locate 'universal serial bus controllers'. (you can do this by right clicking on the 'my computer' icon, selecting properties and then the hardware tab, from there select device manager, somewhere near the bottom will be the usb controller.) Right click on this entry (don't expand it) and select uninstall, you should be prompted for a reboot, oblige and allow windows to restart. When windows has reboot you'll be notified that the usb and anything connected to it has been reinstalled. This method works by replacing any corrupt drivers should that be the case, and if it isn't your back to square one. Oh well, Happy New Year. ;-)

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