USB Hub -- should it be this hot?

  Litlun 20:27 13 Jul 2003

Good evening,

I have a Belkin USB 7-port hub. Normally I do not have problems with the stability of my BB connection (running thru the hub) but tonight I can't seem to stay connected for long at all.

The light goes out on the modem and I'm off!!

Even with nothing else in the hub I kept losing connection. On fiddling about checking cables were in ok and so on I discovered the hub to be quite hot. It may always have been so, I don't know. When I say hot, you can "barely" withstand the heat on the back of your hand. Do these things have a thermal cut-out?

Would someone using a hub please check for me on the temp of yours and tell me if it's warm, hot cool or whatever to the touch?

Thanks folks,


  Valvegrid 20:45 13 Jul 2003

Hi Kathy,

No, it really shouldn't be so hot you can barely touch it, that suggests the temprature is over 60 degrees, which is the pain threshold for most people. It could be as you say a thermal cut-out in the power supply operating.

Try turning it off untill it completely cools down and see how long it takes to go off again then check the temprature again.


  Litlun 20:59 13 Jul 2003

Thanks Paul, I'm going to tick this as resolved because it has been a hot day and I amm going to give the thing some space around it and maybe get a little desk fan for when the ambient temp is high.

I found this customer product review on Amazon so I will provide the thing with some little rubber feet as well.


4 out of 5 stars Limitations of Belkin 7-port Hub, 21 March, 2003
Reviewer: lesliecauston from Ilford, Essex
United Kingdom
An excellent product, but be aware of two limitations:
(1) This us USB 1.1, so is not suited to running USB 2.0 devices at high-speed (e.g. Iomega 20MB HDD USB portable disk drive).
(2) It can overheat if there is not adequate ventillation. I had mine on a shelf with a Canon LiDE scanner and SpeedTouch USB/ADSL modem attached. Both of these take power from the USB Hub, and the Hub gets VERY hot. I had trouble with the Hub reseting itself every so often, until I put some spacers between the Hub and the shelf.

Thanks again Paul, God bless.

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