USB header on KM400

  Rayspan 04:52 28 Jul 2008

I have a Via KM400 Motherboard, spec for which quotes two USB ports by on-board 'header.'

I've hunted, without success, for an annotated picture of the board which will show me where they are. The one in the Foxconn user manual does not identify them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  Gongoozler 08:23 28 Jul 2008

Foxconn are one of the worst motherboard makers for information on the web. If you can post a photograph of the motherboard, or a scanned picture of the board layout from the manual here click here, I might be able to identify the USB header.

  DieSse 15:08 28 Jul 2008

Can you give the motherboard model number please.

  woodchip 15:12 28 Jul 2008

Header pins will be near the Back of he board Grouped together. This the location of old boards. If these are extra USB then the could be anywhere.

Look for a set of pins five and four next to them. 9 in all

  skidzy 19:30 28 Jul 2008

Firstly,i have not found a pic of your board yet but;

Ive just pulled a Foxconn board 946GZ7MA from the workshop and though a newer board than yours i believe the usb2 headers will be coloured coded like this click here though not to be confused with the com 9pin like this click here

I have not got an older board to hand,so it is a bit of a guess for the colour code.

  skidzy 19:31 28 Jul 2008

Cheers for the Tinypic link,i did not realise they where doing pic uploads...thanks again.

  Rayspan 05:50 29 Jul 2008

Thanks a bunch every one. Gongoozler - I uploaded a scan from Foxconn user guide, at least I think I did. Hell of a day yesterday. 1 - my scanner failed. 2 - used my wifes system to scan pic & tried to access it by LAN. 3 - The LAN is only working one way, she can access my stuff, but not vice-versa. I may have to start another thread on THAT, but one thing at a time. I then did the obvious & accessed forum from HER system & uploaded from there, but couldn't find the pic on-line thereafter. Hope you can, if not I'll try again.
Skidzy & Woodchip -no surprise but have'nt had a chance to follow up your tips yet. Will get to it later today (05:46 & I'm going back to bed!)

  DieSse 13:03 29 Jul 2008

Please give us the model number of your motherboard.

  DieSse 13:04 29 Jul 2008

PS - it's no use uploading the pic of the motherboard if you don't give the link to where it is!

  Rayspan 13:40 29 Jul 2008

Whew! Gotit!
You gave me the tip woodchip. Found a blue 7-pin block, layed out like you describe. Plugged in my card reader & BINGO!
Thanks all, & DieSse, sorry I didn't acknowledge you this a.m. I was pretty well bushed. Oops - guess that word will have a whole new meaning nowadays!

Once again - Helproom boys ride to the rescue, thanks a million.


  woodchip 15:58 29 Jul 2008

Thanks for the feedback and tick

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