donmar 17:09 01 Jan 2005

My new external drive stops my machine booting if it is pluged in.If I plug it in after the machine boots it works fine.

I have Win XP Home,does anyone know if it possible to get the package to boot plugged in or is tis impossible with an external drive?

I hope you all have a fantastic new year.


  jack 17:24 01 Jan 2005

How is the drive powered?
If it is relying on the Computer for power then it and any other USB devices plugged in is over loading the Computer Power supply.
With the obvious exception of USB mice/Keyboards
USB devices are best left unplug unless eequired for that session.
The exception is for those devices that have their own power supply

  donmar 18:03 01 Jan 2005

Hi Jack

The drive has its own power supply.


  Starfox 18:14 01 Jan 2005

Juat got an external 80g usb HDD with own power supply for Christmas and I leave it plugged in,it boots up no problem,I suspect you have a fault somewhere.

  jack 10:31 02 Jan 2005

How many other USB devices are on the machine?
Are you using a hub?

Give more detail of the units and arrangements of cables and plugs

  jack 10:32 02 Jan 2005

Also what Operating system?

  donmar 11:39 02 Jan 2005

Only a Broadband modem and an ext. dvd writer.The HDD is pluged into a USB Hub.
Ghost will not write to the Ext.DVD writer unless I move it from the hub into the usb socket at the side of the machine.HOWEVER if I plug the drive into one either of these 2 sockets windows tells me to move it into a usb2 socket because its a high speed drive,moing it back to the hub results in windows accepting ot ok.I have winxp home.I use a wireless mouse.


  jack 14:35 02 Jan 2005

Looks like there is not enough power going out of the hub.
If the hub can have an external power source then do it.
Failing that Imvest in a 4port USB2 PCI card[ about Tenner from usual sources] Then all will be hunky dory

  TomJerry 15:56 02 Jan 2005

I have an external usb HDD do the same thing as yours on one computer, but another two computers and other external HDD have no problem. It think it is conflict between particular motherboard and a particular USB HDD.

I bet you cannot even get past POST (i.e. bios stage), so windows is not loaded.

  donmar 17:19 02 Jan 2005

Thanks for getting back to me guys.I will try a PCI card as suggested.

I don't really know what POST is but but windows is not loaded if I boot with the HDD plugged in.


  jack 08:48 03 Jan 2005

Is P re O n S elf T est

it is when you first switch the machine on and it
goes on and on telling you and itself that this and
that bit is there and working. Then it goes quiet then Windows splash screen comes up and Windows is loading.

Not A Lot of People Know That [ Well most on tis site do ]

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