USB Hard Drives?

  Lettervanman 12:20 31 Jan 2006

I am thinking of getting one for backups.
Any advice would be good!
About 40 to 80 Gb would be fine (I think)
Driven from USB or external power?
How reliable, not much good if small "glich" renders backup useless!
Best makes?

Thank you in advance.

  johnnyrocker 12:39 31 Jan 2006

i have a usb caddy which i bought from click here and i have been using it without any problems and it has been invaluable for taking data from a to b (didnt need a new hdd as i already had an 80 gig spare)


  rmcqua 12:40 31 Jan 2006

I know someone who uses one of these for backup - it's completely reliable and glitch free.
click here

  Totally-braindead 12:45 31 Jan 2006

If you have a spare hard drive lying about you can buy an enclosure, basically an external box, and put it in that, they're only about £20-30.Ifnot then you have to buy an external drive, you will probably find that it will not run from USB power alone but as far as I know they all come with adaptors. There are lots of good makes and I can't recommend any in particular as I used the enclosure method to make up my own drive. They are pretty reliable, pretty close to the hard drive in your computer which is after all what they are made from basically. Make sure you have USB 2.0 as USB 1.1 is too slow.

  stylehurst 14:38 31 Jan 2006

I have used both a caddy & installed a spare HDD I had, and also a USB HDD from Freecom; both have been totally reliable for over 2 years now.

  Yoda2002 14:47 31 Jan 2006

i use a 200 gb hdd in an external case (external powered) very reliably but be warned if you do want to do it you have to format the hdd before booting it in the case

  eqskey 14:47 31 Jan 2006

The caddy is the way to go.I have two ICYBOX ones,which are cheap at £20 each.The only fault is the power connector~it is in the style of a S-connector.The reason being it can easily fall out ,if you have to frequently move the caddy around.
However they are good.Just find a hard drive to fit in it.

  brickie5 15:00 31 Jan 2006

Bought a usb caddy on ebay for around £10,added a 80 gb spare hard drive that I had. Also caddy came with power connector.

  pc_sausage 15:26 31 Jan 2006

Amacom have a few options. I have a flip disk which does the job well.

click here

  pc_sausage 15:35 31 Jan 2006

Forgot to mention - all driven from USB for power:

Options are:


To save trawling through all their list

Generally get these between 20gb & 400gb

  pc_sausage 15:50 31 Jan 2006

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