USB Hard Drive not recognized???

  mattbell1975 13:53 01 Oct 2008

i have a usb hard disc drive. No power just a usb 2 cable. It has been working for some time (about 3 months) i havent used it for a couple of weeks and now it illuminates the green led but does not show either in "my computer" or in disk management. Any ideas?

  mattbell1975 13:57 01 Oct 2008

i have also tried it on 3 other other pcs and no joy on any . also tried different cable which i know is working. still no joy.....

  Jak_1 13:58 01 Oct 2008

Are other USB devices working normaly? Are there any exclamation marks beside the USB list in device manager?

  Jak_1 14:01 01 Oct 2008

I was writting the above post as you posted your second post. Sounds like a hdd failure. Did you have everything backed up?
Can you remove the drive from it's caseing and slave it to you C drive to see if it is recognised there?

  mattbell1975 14:04 01 Oct 2008

its a 2.5 inch hard disc..... other usb devices are working normally

  Jak_1 16:36 01 Oct 2008

System details please. Are you using a laptop or desktop? Operating System?
A 2.5 inch drive is a laptop drive, however it should be recognised by the pc.
Are there any sounds coming from the drive to indicate the disk is spinning?

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