usb front conection witch cables

  handy4x 15:26 05 May 2003

i have a m s i kt3 ultra 2 mobo ms6380
and i need to conect the front usb ports on the mobo guide it says
pin1 usbpwr pin2 usbpwr
pin3 usbp2- pin4 usbp3-
pin5 usbp2+ pin6 usbp3+
pin7 gnd pin 8 gnd
pin 9 pin 10 usboc

an my case has 8 cables marked an colored
red 2 ground
yelow 2-d
green 2+d
black 1.d
black 1+d
blue 1 ground
white 2+5v
red 1 +5v
my board is usb2 so i dont know wether this makes any diferance thanks in antisipation handy 4x

  Munkeysbum 15:58 05 May 2003

What is the question?

  pj123 16:02 05 May 2003

Check out this previous thread

click here

  Munkeysbum 16:15 05 May 2003

Well done pj123.
I didn't have a clue.

  handy4x 16:23 05 May 2003

no dose not solve the problem as i have mother board manual but nothing came with the case

  pj123 16:36 05 May 2003

If your mobo supports front USB connections you should have a block of 9 pins marked USB 2. 1 row of 5 pins and 1 row of 4 pins. Forget pin 5 and count them as pins 1-4 and 5-8.

The cables connect as follows: Red Pins 1 and 5, white or yellow pins 2 and 6, green pins 3 and 7 and black pins 4 and 8

  handy4x 17:32 05 May 2003

no dose not work as i have a blue cable and only 1 green and 1 red and blue are marked ground these are the ones i know are corect see above list thanks for trying though

  pj123 14:38 06 May 2003

Has your case got front USB ports? if so, how many?

  handy4x 18:07 11 May 2003

yes 2 front usb this is what i want to conect

  woodchip 18:11 11 May 2003

Red wire to pin 1 followed by white, green ,black. that's on pin's 1,2,3,4.

  DieSse 18:28 11 May 2003

Just follow the labels on the pins

+5V = power or pwr

ground is obvious

usb2- = data2-

usb2+ = data2+

The case pins will be marked 1 and 2, but the motherboard 3 and 4 (because 1 and 2 for the motherboard are on the back connectors of the board.)

So your set of four pins for port1 on the case gose to the 4 pins marked 3 on the board.

And the set of four marked for port2 on the case go to the set marked 4 on the board.

So you take a 4 wire set for each port +5v, data+, data-, and Ground and match them up to the pins on the board. The colours of the cables are not relevant - it's what's marked on the connectors that counts.

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