USB Floppy

  funky_demon 13:08 01 Apr 2005

I do not have an internal floppy drive. I have purchased an external USB floppy. (Used to have an Internal one, but it went wrong, and so i purchased an external one)

In "My Computer" it still shows an A drive, and shows the USB as B Drive

In Device manage i have disabled the A drive, and have also disabled it in BIOS

Now to my problem

I am trying to recover an error on my SATA Hard drive

I cannot boot with it connected, and when i go throught the windows set up, with the SATA connected, when i get to the part to use windows recovery it can only recognise my C drive which is a normal IDE drive

If i try to go throught the same process , but try to install the sata drivers, which are on a floppy, it wont recognize my USB Floppy, and is asking me to put the floppy in the "A" drive (which i dont have)

Got there in the end!

My only assumption is that i will need to buy an internal floppy, unless anyone can suggest different


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:15 01 Apr 2005

does your bios support booting from a usb device as i think this is the only way you can do it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 01 Apr 2005

In BIOS advanced enable USB for DOS

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