USB flash memory stick -driver.

  jack 14:48 25 Nov 2004

OK OK - I feel I am asking the drong question here when I did a search- cos I know this has been asked before.
I have availed my self of one of the flash memory gizmos to stick into a USB port to put data on.
when plugged into my machine[XP Pro] it works fine.
When plugged in to a mates XP Pro it delivers OK.
When Plugged into other mates 98Se/Me/2000
though each machine reports'I've got a gizmo sticking in me' they dont read it.
I need a driver it seems - which was not sold with my cheapo 7dayshop one. but others I gather come with a driver disk on a mini CD.

So - Where do I get such a driver set from guys.

  PA28 14:54 25 Nov 2004

Try the website of the manufacturer of your flash stick, or the retailer if that fails. Yes, you will need drivers for anything earlier than XP.

  Gongoozler 15:02 25 Nov 2004

It depends on who made the drive, and that's not necessarily the name on the package. A lot of drives are made by Lexar, and their drivers are available here click here. It is unfortunate that many manufacturers no longer provide drivers for Windows 98, and as Windows XP includes support for USB flash drives it no longer makes economic sense to include a disk in the package.

  jack 15:10 25 Nov 2004

Thanx Gongoozler [What does that mean?}
Whilst you were preparing your answer I took a look at 7dayshop site and they do say NOT 98SE -So that
that, unless!!!- Do you ever get that feeling that when someones says 'It cant be done son' -some one some where - just did


  Spanglish 15:55 25 Nov 2004

Though it said NOT 98SE , it should work on 2000, as I have mangaged to use USB cams and HDD's

  Gongoozler 17:23 25 Nov 2004

Hi jack. You could try the Lexar driver, it just might work.

Gongoozler - click here
and click here

  Diemmess 17:57 25 Nov 2004

I have a year old JetFlash marketed by Transcend.
The CD which was included has specific drivers for 98SE.... These were unnecessary when used with 2000.

If Win 2000 found drivers so easily, it makes me wonder how specific the drivers have to be?

The company Transend has a website click here which appears to market all sorts. it might be worth browsing for a free download.

If you are desperate and could stand a download of my CD, email me and I can upload 9MB of manual and drivers, but won't bother to include Acrobat which has over 16MB for itself!

  TomJerry 18:11 25 Nov 2004

If it does not, unplug and plug a few times to try it out.

The first time I plugs in, it need to be done on an account with administrator right, otherwise, it may not work.

Still on luck. Log in as an administrator, go to device driver, uninstall relevent driver, unplug and plug into it again.

  Brian-336451 18:16 25 Nov 2004

Have a little cd coming with it containing the drivers for pre XP systems.

For example Sony Vault (usb2 memory gizmo)

  TomJerry 18:35 25 Nov 2004

not everyone has as deep pocket as you

Sony Mini MicroVault 128MB £33.99 click here

Dabvalue 256MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive £24.99 click here

They probably made by the same manufacturer.

  jack 14:37 26 Nov 2004

Thanx one and all for all the good advice.
Will download the suggested wares and seewhat happens
I wont be seeing the Win98 machine till the new year
so will be keeping in touch on the is one

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