USB Flash Drives

  spuds 11:57 24 Apr 2004

Possibly a silly question, but what is the actual difference between a standard flash drive and a 'intelligent' one.I intend to make a purchase, and I have the task of choosing either for about the same price. What would be considered as a minimum mb for general usage.

  pmjd 12:32 24 Apr 2004

Never heard of an "intelligent" flash drive before.

Who are the makers? If you can tell me I'll have a look and see but I can't see it being much of a difference

I know this is not very usefull, but the minimum size is what you need! I had a 16Mb drive that my wife picked up for me free at a conferece a year ago which was very handy, though for me too small.

I work in engineering and on a large project my CAD files alone are 80Mb. So i invested in a 256 Mb and that is just great, can carry a full set of drawings, reports, presentations and some photos for meetings.

I think buy what you can afford, all i know personally is that 128Mb is the smallest that i could go down to.

  spuds 20:56 24 Apr 2004

pmjd--The item in question can be viewed via click here and key in Quickfind code 47501

Galliano-- Thought about starting with the 128Mb as an experiment.Serif are offering 32Mb's with Internet Wheel Mouse for £9.95 + £3.00 handling fee, but I realised perhaps these were far to low for general usage.

  spuds 11:22 25 Apr 2004

^^^^Back in the pot^^^^

  pmjd 11:32 25 Apr 2004

Ah.. know what you mean now!
I'm very sure it's just a marketing term rather than an actual technology.

I was looking at getting one of these models as well when I have a bit more money to spare though I'd be going for the 512mb usb2 version:)

  Gemma 11:57 25 Apr 2004

click here and you can see that this device does not have a standard USB connector. There are seven contacts, the normal four for USB and three set back.

The blurb can be decoded to say that the manufacturer, PQI, is trying to establish a new standard that will allow one portable memory device to replace all the current varieties (Sony stick, SD/MMC, Smart Media, Compact Flash, ...). The extra three contacts could enable this but I would think that, given the current range of packaging options, they will have a tough time. Have a look at PQI click here .

  powerless 11:59 25 Apr 2004

Seems there is an adaptor.

  spuds 12:57 25 Apr 2004

Gemma-- That's the one I have in mind, according to the reviews, most states that it comes with the adaptor [as Powerless suggests], but ebuyer also sell the adaptor's separately if needed.

pmjd-- as you say, just looks like another technology marketing term.

Credit card out, looks like I will buy one. Thanks everyone, will tick as resolved.

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