USB Flash Drive Problem

  clash33 23:25 07 Apr 2004

I have 2 identical 128m flash drive. Both were working on my home XP system. I used one at work with windows 2000 and now this flash drive is not recognised on my XP machine! It still works on the 2000 system. Any Ideas?

  frazky 23:53 07 Apr 2004

did you 'compress' or format it?

  clash33 23:53 07 Apr 2004

I have removed flash drive in device manager and then attempted to re install the driver but no change.

  clash33 23:55 07 Apr 2004

I don't think so although I had to install a driver in 2000 before it accepted the new H/W

  Daz35 23:59 07 Apr 2004

You haven't accidently locked the drive have you?
(On some of them they have a very small plastic lock/unlock switch)and maybe if you were using one OS and then accidently locked it, it might not recognise the other. Just a thought...

  clash33 15:42 08 Apr 2004

No-Have used it today again at work on my laptop and it works fine. I just don't understand why it wont work with my XP system at home.

  geeuk 15:44 08 Apr 2004

Try a different usb port on your laptop if you have one.

  SEASHANTY 16:05 08 Apr 2004

It is evident that it is the Windows 2000 driver you installed which has caused this. Most websites selling these USB pen drives state that no drivers are needed except for Windows 98.
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  clash33 12:16 09 Apr 2004

Has anybody else come across this problem?

  clash33 12:34 11 May 2004

Have finally found the problem. One drive was formated as FAT16 and the other FAT32

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