USB Flash Drive Lifespan

  QuickHare 21:12 25 Apr 2005

I read recently (maybe in PC Advisor) that a USB flash drive has a maximum limit on writes, just like a CD-RW, but without the roundness of a CD.

Theorically, it should be possible to write as many times as you like onto a flash drive, right? Or is there a limit I was not aware of? If there is a limit, I realise different makes will have different spans of life.

  Pooke100 21:18 25 Apr 2005

click here hope this helps

  QuickHare 21:47 25 Apr 2005

Thanks for the info. But it doesn't cover the question, sadly. I contacted those who wrote the site, and I hope they can answer me direct. Of course, I'll keep the forum up to date with what they say.

  wiz-king 21:56 25 Apr 2005

This might explain a bit about flash drives click here

  DieSse 22:28 25 Apr 2005

Pooke100's link seems to me to answer exactly what you asked - yes there is a limit, and there is quite a long piece about how mfrs cope with it.

  Audeal 22:42 25 Apr 2005

DieSse Is qite right Your question is answered Quote "Data can have a life span of up to 10 years on pen & flash drives" Unquote.

  DieSse 22:47 25 Apr 2005

Actually, I'm sorry, but I read both links and confused them myself.(not difficult at times - I plead old age).

The second link from wiz-king, in the section "article:- Flash Solid State Disks - Inferior Technology or Closet Superstar?" is the one that answers what you asked, of course.

  VoG II 22:53 25 Apr 2005

So I'll be all right until Tuesday next week when I have to make a presentation?

  Pooke100 22:59 25 Apr 2005

VoG I think you'll be alright.

Chances are the users of these things will break the thing before it "dies of old age" or runs out of read/writes.

  QuickHare 23:13 25 Apr 2005

wiz-king's link was the most comprehensive information I've ever read on the topic, and I thank you all for your help. I'll class this as solved, as my questions have now been answered.

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