USB Flash Disk 'Read Only'

  GLK 14:52 10 Jan 2004

I have been using a GENX Flashdisk successfully for sometime. I have not used for a while and upon connecting yesterday to download some information on to it I found impossible. I am informed that the disk is 'write protected' and I can neither delete anything nor place other documents onto it. I have tried to find a 'read only' restriction in the 'Properties' dialogue box to uncheck it - no luck. I cannot work out how this restriction has been introduced - can anyone help and tell me how to correct this bizarre situation.. Many thanks

Graham Kerr

  slimbo51 15:06 10 Jan 2004

Having had a look at buying one of these myself, I read all the info i could find, and it would sound like from what ur saying a password has been added to secure the info on it.

There is a download site where u can get the program for doing this.

I trust there is no write protect tag on the H/Ware such as like a floppy disk has.

Good luck and please post back if u find the answer as, I among others would probably like to know the reason.

  SEASHANTY 15:57 10 Jan 2004

Some pen drive disks have a write protect catch on the disk housing. Have you inadvertently clicked this over. I have two of these USB2 pen drives. One has the write protect switch - the other doesn't. I had not noticed this until I accidentally clicked the switch whilst handling.

  GLK 18:20 10 Jan 2004

Seahanty - thank you very much indeed - I had forgotten about this little gadget as I have not used the disk for so long - how stupid can you get!! Slimbo please note!!


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