U.S.B. to FIREWIRE or U.S.B.2

  mois 15:18 26 Jul 2003

Hi...I have a laptop ( 4 years old) with a U.S.B. port...Someone who knows this machine told me it's 16 bit (didn't explain)...The thing is I like to use a PCMCIA card that allows using FIREWIRE or U.S.B. but this is only for 32 bit and looks I can't use it.
Can someone tell me a litle more about this 16 and 32 bits and if there is any way I can use devices that plug into this ports?

  BillEmm 16:48 26 Jul 2003

at least a 33MHz bus which means something faster than a 16 bit card/port can provide, ie 32 bit.

I believe there are companies who can 'upgrade' a laptop to be able to accept 32 bit cards but I don't have a reference. Cost can be in the region of £75 plus.

Sorry, best I can do.

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