USB fan

  alilouise 11:00 09 Jul 2006

Im looking for a small fan that I can put inside my computer cabinet (so it has to be small).

I'm having problems with the plug of my router getting warm in the hot weather we are having and its tripping out.

Having a fan on it works because i've tested it.

I got a tiny fan with a usb port but its soooo noisy!

Can anyone recommend a small electic fan, either with a plug or usb connection which is a good one and not noisy?

  De Marcus™ 11:19 09 Jul 2006

The Kensington Fly Fan is supposed to have a quiet motor, whether this is true or not I don't know.

  €dstowe 11:19 09 Jul 2006

I would worry more about the plug overheating than trying to cool it with a fan.

It shouldn't overheat sufficiently to cut out except in very exceptional circumstances such as prolonged short circuiting the output. Hot weather doesn't count.

If you really do want a fan cooler, you can buy desk fans for a few pounds.

USB power is a stabilised smooth 5V DC designed for powering sensitive electronic equipment. It shouldn't be used for such rough and ready things as powering fans, coffee warmers, inflating shirts, as I've seen on these pages recently or any other daft things.

  SANTOS7 12:08 09 Jul 2006

click here
can you not secure a normal case fan to cool your plug down...

  alilouise 12:14 09 Jul 2006

the router we have is a Belkin one. ive read reviews on the net about them doing this. we could get a better router but its not expensive right now. i agree its a worry why its getting hot.

tried plugging things in seperately so its not because i'm overloading the sockets.

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