USB extension leads...

  nick_j007 09:35 03 Jun 2003

Morning all!

This is my first posting here with my new BB connection (do I look faster?).
Thing is, I now need a new USB extension cable but up to may be 30 feet long! I am concerned that I might loose this new gained speed with the wrong choice of cable; or maybe anything reasonably descent will do as I won't notice any difference anyhow? So please offer your recommendations if you can.

Many thanks,

Nick Jones.

  -pops- 09:43 03 Jun 2003

You would be better moving the telephone system closer rather than extending the USB cable. Extending the cables telephone exchange ->ADSL filters etc would cause you less signal loss than keeping them as is and putting a USB extension on.

Sorry if that's a bit garbled. Hope you follow!


  nick_j007 09:58 03 Jun 2003

Thanks pops.
Would I really notice a slower connection with a lengthy USB though do you think?

It's the easiest option for me I admit.


  -pops- 10:06 03 Jun 2003

I did read about maximum lengths recomended for USB (can't remember the length but it was definitely less than the 30 feet you want) and I don't think you can get USB cables anywhere near the length you want anyway - you would have to buy several and link them - not ideal and not without cost!!

Extending the telephone cabling seems the best and neatest way, I feel.


  nick_j007 10:24 03 Jun 2003

Yes, fair comment pops. I shall have a fresh look at my phone line set up soon.

Many thanks my friend.


  DieSse 10:28 03 Jun 2003

Maximum length for USB = 5m approx

Longer can be unreliable or not work at all, unless you use special cables with boosters in them.

the maximum cable length between two full-speed (12Mbit/sec) devices or a hub is 5 meters using twisted pair sheilded cable with 20-gauge wire.smaller gauge wire shortens this distance,

also i would imagine you will want want your modem where you can see the diagnostic lights,

  nick_j007 10:39 03 Jun 2003

Thank you DieSse and horiz5. All taken on board.


  flecc 12:01 03 Jun 2003

Ebuyer currently have a special offer on 2.5 metre USB repeater (booster) cables at £4.99 each plus VAT. These can be coupled to give a run of up to 80 feet.

With USB though, shorter is always better.

  nick_j007 12:15 03 Jun 2003

Thanks flecc

  Belatucadrus 13:13 03 Jun 2003

click here for some 5M USB repeater cables, rather more expensive than fleccs ofering though.

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