USB expansion card, he no work

  Bargee 15:41 22 Jan 2003
  Bargee 15:41 22 Jan 2003

I am having dificulty in getting my USB Mobile Disk to work off the USB expansion card fitted to my MSI K7T Turbo motherboard running 98SE. The PnP is not detecting it & the power LED on the disk remains unlit, so therefore it would seem that my expansion card is not working. Could it be dis-abled in BIOS somehow or could I be missing drivers for it (device manager tells me all is o.k.,if you can rely on that!), although I don't seem ro have any disks relating to the card, a Maplin special. I know the dik works as I have successfully installed it onto another machine, although it is connected to the onboard USB.
P.S. Anyone had a problem with a TwinMOS mobile Disk from DABS that insists on placing itself into the windows start up menu every time you launch the program to resize it? I've contacted TwinMOS support but no joy yet.

  MalcSP 16:10 22 Jan 2003

I think that PCI USB expansion cards do not supply power to connected devices. My thought comes from my experience with modems, wecams etc. Admittedly with only one type of card but in three different computers. Am I right or Wrong?

  Bargee 20:10 22 Jan 2003

Sounds pretty damned logical to me which would probably explains why stand alone hubs have a power supply.
Cheers MalcSP.

  BillEmm 21:30 22 Jan 2003

PCI USB expansion cards will supply 5 volts @ 500mA to any device attached to any port as, indeed,will any USB controller on the motherboard.

Bargee, you don't say what USB version of the card is nor that of the disk - ie USB 1.1 or USB 2. I'm not familiar with the term 'mobile disk' but is that one of those small key ring thingys?

Though such information may not be relevant to your problem, it might be helpful.

Make sure the card has been installed correctly and with the latest drivers.

Talk to Maplin, they are reasonable people, and check the reliability of their product and seek any advice they can give you.


  Bargee 10:50 23 Jan 2003

Bill, my USB card is 1.1 & the disk is 128Mb & one of the types you mention, sometimes called a USB drive etc. Anthing you can add will be helpful & I will also contact Maplin support. Cheers.

  BillEmm 14:43 23 Jan 2003

Bargee, As you have checked the flash disk my initial suspicions point to the card and/or the drivers for the card. A motherboard problem cannot be discounted but lets hope its not that.

Regarding the purchase of USB cards: its my recommendation that USB 2 adaptor cards should be bought. These will handle any USB 1.1 device and give support for the newer USB 2 products. USB 1.1 is old technology. They also handle USB 1.1 ADSL modems better than some on-board 1.1 chipsets.


  Bargee 17:59 23 Jan 2003

Already in hand, I have a USB 2 Card and powered USB 2 hub ready to install so that should solve everything!(hopefully). Maplin merely confirmed that the card of my vintage will probably only work with peripherals that have their own power supply & as my disk is not powered that is why it is not being recognised. Cheers.

  Rayuk 18:49 23 Jan 2003

Do you have to load a driver for the disk for Win98SE??
You have to on one called Disgo perhaps this is similar.

  wetterfugal 19:03 23 Jan 2003

I have a 'puter running win98SE. The motherboard supports USB but there are no USB connectors.

This leads me to believe that I can fit a PCI USB Card OK. It also leads me logically to believe that if the motherboad does not support USB then a card would not solve the problem. I could be wromg.

  Rayuk 19:31 23 Jan 2003

Does the disk work on the normal connecters on the rear of the pc??

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