USB DVT Stick CPU Useage

  mrtreacle 21:19 17 Feb 2007

Oh well

Here we go again i was bought a USB DVT stick at Christmas and upon installing it noticed though the picture was superb and around 64 channels picked up (as its through external aerial) the CPU useage shoots up to 100% at times and then the programme "blocks" etc
I recently installed 1gb memory to the pc and the problem is still there
The USBDVT stick spec states soundcard needed (AC97 compatible) but i think i only have onboard sound

Could this be the issue ? or any other ideas please as i really want to use this device its excellent other than dropping out once or twice every 10 minutes
I know its not reception its pc related
Help ?


  STREETWORK 21:23 17 Feb 2007

Here we go, update the sound driver AC97, this is on board rather then stand alone

click here

This will install new codex which the DVT will be able to use.

  Stuartli 21:33 17 Feb 2007

You need to check first if you actually have a Realtek onboard sound chipset - it could be a C-Media or other manufacturer.

  mrtreacle 11:26 18 Feb 2007


Streetwork and Stuartli

Thanks for your advice will try the AC97 updates

  mrtreacle 11:41 19 Feb 2007


Done the AC97 sound updates still having same problem
DVTUSB stick uses software called Total Media Arc software
As soon as the programme is opened CPU soars to 40% and higher then opening TV screen pushes CPU to 70 % initially after which moves between 40 and 100% blocks at 100 %

Still baffled has anyone had experience of this software and/or problems with CPU usage

Thanks in advance


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