USB DVB-T stick And Windows Vista driver problem

  boot-it-out 08:51 20 May 2007

Just bought a USB DVB-T stick which is advertised as "DVB-T Vista TV Freeview USB Stick ". The packaging also quotes Windows Vista Operating system.

There's nothing on the packaging or device to indicate the manufacturer ( purchased through an on-line store as one of their "Extra Value" products ).
It came packaged with the "Blaze" DTV program.

I have installed everything as instructed, but it doesn't work :

When plugging in the device it shows up in device Manager as "DTB03", and a warning message appears saying "Your device has not been installed properly" - The option to find an updated driver fails.
The driver that came with the software is AF9015 BDA driver Version WHQL which seems to indicate the manufacturer as Afatech, but there is no help on their web site.

While waiting for the sellers very slow Customer Support response ( which I suspect will say "Return for a refund" ), and a reply from Afatech, does anyone have any ideas how I could get this to work with Windows Vista Home Premium edition ?

Alternatively does anyone know of a reasonably priced USB "Freeview" (UK) stick that WILL work ?


  BurrWalnut 09:06 20 May 2007

Mine has never worked in any of the beta releases or live releases but a driver has always been found, so it does sort of work in the media center.

Yours seems to be the other way round, i.e. the user software installs but not the driver. Try uninstalling it and let Windows find it and install it.

  boot-it-out 09:32 20 May 2007

Already tried that - Uninstalled it, uninstalled the Blaze TV program, plugged the device back in, Windows can't find a driver and asks for the CD. Insert the CD, windows can't find the driver there either ( nor by manually searching the CD ) and no drivers found by Windows searching the Internet.

Seems like the wrong driver on the CD, but it is the same version as the latest one available on the manufacturers web site at
click here
which quotes Windows Vista as a compatible Operating System !

Still, at least the sun is shining - nealry time to log off and go cut the grass !

  boot-it-out 10:41 23 May 2007

After lots of head scratching and not much help from manufacturers I have managed to get this device working on my Vista Home Premium laptop.

The CD-ROM supplied with the device ran through a driver installation routine, installing the AF9015 BDA driver, version WHQL to the computer.

When plugging the device into the laptop, Windows automatically tried to install drivers and failed, which is why I thought the supplied drivers were not Vista compatible - NOT SO !

What you have to do when Windows fails to find the drivers, is to force a manual search for the drivers ( that were installed from the CD-ROM ), by selecting the option to "Browse" for the drivers, then selecting the main "C:" drive with the "Check sub folders" box ticked.

This forces the computer to search every location on the computer for the drivers, which will take quite a while.
The drivers ARE eventually found ( four separate drivers are found and installed ), after which the device is recognised and works successfully :-) !

It's a shame that the installation CD-ROM doesn't include details telling you where the drivers are installed to, ( which woudl allow you to browse and locate them more easily ) and that Vista doesn't find them automatically, but if you follow the above it should work.

Now all I need to do is work out why, when scanning for channels, it only finds four - BBC1, 2, 3, and News 24 - I guess that's a question related to settings and is for a new topic !

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