Air_Man 07:24 29 Jun 2006

Anyone got any experiences with using the above on laptops. I am particularly concerned with the qulaity of recption available through any included aerial (most of the time I will be away from a normal TV point).

Any personal experiences and recommendations would be most appreciated, especially if the product is available on the high-street (as usual, when I get an urge, I want it today!).

Thx all.

  BurrWalnut 08:22 29 Jun 2006

I have the Freecom one. It works well but you have to be in a good reception area.

In hotel rooms, you can use the TV aerial to get better reception.

  herbyeel 14:42 29 Jun 2006

Hi Airman This posting might interest you it ill not help yor problem but I am a fellow sufferer (No replies to this posting yet)

Tue, [email protected]:54

I recently purchase a usb DVB-T stick Maker V-GEAR/ARCSOFT SOFTWARE and a problem has arisen software installed perfectly,and first scan using supplied antenna produced all the freeview channels with excellent reception. I then took my laptop to my office (self employed) and could not get a tv signal so I re-scanned still no signal. Returned home and scanned again in the same room as original excellent signal received but no signal. Uninstalled software and re-installed still no signal. Contacted manufacturer but they do not support their product, other than FAQ which did not help. Have tried different antenna but no go. Sent stick back and it was returned as working okay. But it would still not pick up a signal. I then connect the stick to my roof antenna and it worked perfectly.(but this destroys the object of buying a mobile source as I travel a lot) I live in a very strong signal area on the top floor of my apt. block What puzzles me is 1. How did it pick up originally with perfect results but since then has failed miserably? Has anyone encountered the same problem, and did they remedy it? I have WXP Home SP2 Drives 51.58 GB free space 11.99 Gb I have given this extra info. but I do not know if it helps. Any help gratefully received Thanks HE.

  Air_Man 18:18 29 Jun 2006

Thx guys/gals,

I plan to plug it in to fixed aerials when possible (hotels) but like the idea of watching TV on the train, on on car journies when a passenger.

Due to the prices and lack of choice on the high-street, I will be patient and get one from the web. I have found a review in a recent PCA on the Compro device and am thinking of buying that.

I would prefer one with a remote but the review gives it a great write up. Anyone got any experience with this particular device?

Thx again.

  Air_Man 21:32 29 Jun 2006

Okay, after a bit of Googling, I want to order this stick. Compro's website is dire (none of the listed resellers seem to have it). Anyone any ideas where I can buy it? PCA admin - any suggestions - you got one! Anywhere on Tottenham Court Road I might tbe able to find one?

Thx :-)

  woodchip 21:44 29 Jun 2006

You may find that there is lots of H section Steel in your property. Try to put the Ariel near this. As it as a Magnetic base stick it on to some steel

  woodchip 21:50 29 Jun 2006

I have a USB Artec DVB with a 4ins Ariel Emily moor Mast is about 11 miles from me and I am in a Semi Bricks and Mortar I stick the Ariel on the side of my Tower and it Works. I may have to move it round a bit depending what I watch

  Air_Man 12:41 04 Dec 2006

Summary of my pruchase. Bought a COMPRO U3 DVB-T stick for around £30. Can't get any sort of signal with the included mini aerial - wherever I am in the country. The product works fine when connected to an external aerial, but the software is AWFUL. The EPG only shows a few channel tabs at a time and you have to keep returning to the program, change channels, then hit the EPG again to see what selection of channels it now gives you. I was hoping for an EPG like by Thomson DHD box, but this is dire.

Still, it works, and if you're stuck with analog TV and know what you want from digital, it does a job. Still, I'm sure there are better out there.

Thx all.

  woodchip 22:27 04 Dec 2006

Try updating the Software

  steven_frost 13:58 05 Dec 2006

I have the freecom usb stick the to be honest it's good but you need to use an extrnal airel as the one it comes with is pant's i brought it to go with my laptop

  Technotiger 14:21 05 Dec 2006

I also have the Freecom one - and it comes complete with Remote Control. Mine works great at home, have not tried it anywhere else.

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