USB Drive Letter Changes

  wolfmman 14:09 15 Jan 2009

Whenever I plug in a memory stick now for some reason the drive letter changes.It seems to go through the alphabet, starting with G (as it should be) to H,I J K L M N. I always remove the stick correctly using the shut down procedure.I am using XP home with SP3 installed. Can any one advise?

  Terry Brown 14:19 15 Jan 2009

If you go to Disk Management, the easiest way is : Run ; Help, type in Disk, normally bottom option,Ensure the Thumb drive is plugged in.

Select the drive and change letter, this will normally 'fix' it to the selected letter.

It could also be that you have other items plugged in and associates the letters in the order the items are found.

  Pineman100 18:51 15 Jan 2009

I've always found it useful to use Terry's solution to fix drive letters on my USB flash drives.

I always allocate them a letter close to the end of the alphabet, so that they're instantly recognisable by being clearly differentiated from my other drives.

  Bris 19:28 15 Jan 2009

XP will assign the next available drive letter regardless of what you have set your flash drive to if that letter is already assigned to another device. If for example you set your flash drive to F and then plug something else in that does not have an assigned letter and F happens to be the next available then XP will use it such that when you plug in your flash drive XP has no other option than to assign G to it (if thats the next one available). As Terry and Pineman suggest its a good idea to assign a letter to the drive near to the end of the alphabet that way XP is unlikely to need to use them.

  wolfmman 17:00 16 Jan 2009

Thankyou all for your prompt answers.You have explained the reasons why and consistant solution.

  Pineman100 17:17 16 Jan 2009

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