USB Docking Station Problem

  tigernick 14:10 04 Dec 2005

I have recently bought a USB 5.25" internal docking station that fits into the front panel of my PC. I also have a USB 2.0 PCI card that has an internal port. I assumed this would connect to the internal docking station cable so that I could connect USB devices to the front of the PC rather than behind.

The problem is that there doesnt seem to be the orthodox USB connector attached to the docking station cable. Instead of one male or female USB conector there is one cable with 4 seperate wires, each ending with one pin.

Each wire is a different colour and state the following:

* Red +5v
* Green +D
* White -D
* Black Ground

I'm unsure where the pins are meant to go, they dont seem to fit onto the USB PCI card, or the internal USB connector. If anyone has any ideas what the pins are for, or where they go I would really appreciate it!!

Help !

  DieSse 14:23 04 Dec 2005

I think you mean ending with one socket - not pin.

The sockets are for putting onto header pins on the motherboard. Look in your motherboard manual for where the USB header pins are - and then look to see if they are already in use (with a USB back panel for instance).

  tigernick 14:31 04 Dec 2005

IThanx, I dont think ive got the motherboard instruction manual anymore, I'l have a look. Is there any way of connecting these four sockets to an adaptor, then plugging it into a USB connector, or will that not work??

  DieSse 14:34 04 Dec 2005

Can't find this sort of adapter anywhere - I've just been looking!

If you know your motherboard (or can find out - click here for Everest will tell you) - then you can get this info you need.

  DieSse 14:44 04 Dec 2005

One way is to *butcher* a USB cable. Cut off one end and bare the wires - then cut off the connectors from the fron panel - and wire the two together. Helps to be handy with a soldering iron.

BUT - be warned - you have to make ultra sure you connect the correct wires together - you can't even go by the colours, they are not consistent between manufactureres.

  ade.h 17:48 04 Dec 2005

You're lucky that the wires are labelled rather than just coloured; that makes the task a lot easier than it usually is! As Diesse says, colours alone would be relatively meaningless.

  tigernick 11:48 05 Dec 2005

Thanx for tips, Ive managed to connect the four USB ports to the motherboard, I looked in the manufacturers manual to find out the correct order, the only problem I have now is that there are no software drivers with the USB docking station. When I plug a device in Windows says it does not recocgnise it. Device status states that there are no drivers loaded for this device.

If anyone has any ieas where I can download the USB 2.0 drivers I need please help!!

  DieSse 11:54 05 Dec 2005

Which version of Windows are you using?

Are you sure your motherboard supports USB2?

  DieSse 11:55 05 Dec 2005

PS - Just out of interest, does the docking station also have a power connector going to it. I suspect it should, as I suspect it's basically a powered hub.

  tigernick 12:11 05 Dec 2005

Yeah it should support USB 2 as its says USB on the motherboard where I plugged it in. Im using Win Xp Pro. The docking station is an extender to the front of the PC, it doesnt actually add USB functionallity, it also has a sound e.g. line, mic (pink, bluse, green ports) and firewire as well as the USB. It doesnt seem to have a power connector because it doesnt actually do anything, just houses the USB, sound and firewire ports on the front of the PC.

Make any sense!!!

  DieSse 12:27 05 Dec 2005

Ah - just one USB connector? (4 wires, not 4 ports?).

That's Ok - doesn't need a power connector.

Windows with SP2 should automatically support your device. No ned for drivers. Mine does, I have a similar one, USB port, plus card readers, and I've installed others like yours.

Make doubly sure you are correctly connected on the mother board.

Look in the Hardware Manager and check there are no problems with your USB.

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