USB digital camera problem

  Muzziad 09:51 25 Apr 2003

I bought my dad a Fuji digital camera as a birthday present but he's having problems transferring pics from the camera to his PC.

The camera software installs correctly on his PC, the camera takes pics, they can be viewed on the LCD but the computer refuses to 'see' the camera when it is plugged in to transfer pictures.

I tried the camera/software with one of my machines running the same OS (WinME) and everything works perfectly. The USB ports on his machine are both listed in Device Manager and there are no yellow exclamation marks to indicate a fault.

As an aside, he also had a printer that wouldn't work with it's USB connection. Anyone have any ideas before I solve the problem by installing a PCI USB card?

  Holographic_man 10:01 25 Apr 2003

Have you tried unenstalling all the related software and starting from scratch?

  Muzziad 10:25 25 Apr 2003

Yes sorry, should have stated that in the original post. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything 2 or 3 times, always with the same result.

The problem seems to indicate that neither of the USB ports are capable of communicating with devices (tried a printer and the camera). USB driver software included in the camera package was also installed, uninstalled and reinstalled with the photo software.

Is there something i have to do to 'enable' the USB ports on his computer?

  davidg_richmond 10:35 25 Apr 2003

there can be options in the bios for dealing with USB ports, you could try this (and remember to change the options back if it doesnt work), you could also check if there are any up-to-date motherboard drivers available and install these as some chipsets can have compatibility problems with certain USB devices. failing that i've known a lot of these problems being sorted by a system restore (a lot of fujis have this problem, dont know whether its down to it displaying as a removeable device or not).

  Ben Avery 10:40 25 Apr 2003

The fact that neither the printer nor the camera are working through the USB port suggests that the problem lies with the USB port itself (or as suggested, the BIOS settings). I would be inclined to purchase a USB 1.1 card (for all intents and purposes a USB 2.0 card would not really be worth your while for these devices) for about £10 (sometimes less) and install that. If this fixes the problem, you know you have a dodgy USB port on the Mobo.

You could try uninstalling the USB ports in Device Manager while in safe mode, then letting windows reinstall them and see if that helps first?


  woodchip 11:10 25 Apr 2003

First go into setup when the PC starts first thing, By pressing Delete key or it will tell you what to press to enter setup. Then make shure that USB is enabled in Cmos setup, save settings and exit setup. If that sorts it OK. But if it does not, go into Device Manager by Right clicking on My Computer choose properties ans double click on USB then remove al USB under it then restart your computer to reset USB when you put a USB item like printer or Camera in to USB the new Hardware wizard will say that it has found new hardware click the cancel button, THIS IS IMPORTANT then load the software for the item you have just installed in USB and windows should then see the new item

  Muzziad 11:16 25 Apr 2003

i'll try disabling the ports as suggested by Ben. will the ME CD be required to reinstall them or will Windows do it automatically on restart?

if nothing works i think i'll go down the installing a USB card route as neither of the USB ports on his computer communicated with either the printer or the camera. i don't want to risk updating his BIOS incase (small chance i know) something does go wrong. £15 for a PCI USB card seems the best and safest way.

  barrie_g 11:57 25 Apr 2003

sorry if this seems a little simple but are you turning the camera on after you have connected it and do you have the camera on the correct setting for veiwing the pics?

  vinnyT 12:16 25 Apr 2003

Does your mobo use VIA drivers, if so there was a problem a while back with the USB implementation, download the latest 4-in-1 drivers from click here

  Muzziad 13:03 25 Apr 2003

yep, as i said earlier when i installed the camera software onto one of my machines running WinME everything worked perfectly. the problem is with both USB ports on my dad's computer.

cheers Vinny, i'll look into that as a possibility.

  Bargee 14:16 25 Apr 2003

I've had this with my Fuji camera. The software manual states that the camera must be connected to a PC USB port, but I found that it didn't work on an expansion card but had to be connected to a port on the motherboard. The manual also won't guarantee connection to a hub. I'm going to try out a card reader and bypass the Fuji software completely. hope this helps & good luck.

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