USB device not recognised

  User-836104A7-66A2-4D7D-A40FAE6BD97AAC86 17:41 19 May 2005

I am using windows XR with SP 2. Until recently i was able to use all my USB devices. Some of the devices when pluged in bring up the message 'USB device not recognised' When i pug these items into another computer they all work fine so there is nothing wrong with the devices. I have updated all the drivers.

Does anyone out there know of a fix for this problem, is so please let me in on the secret.

Many thanks

  Big Elf 20:55 19 May 2005

If you look in Device Manager in the Control Panel do you see any yellow exclamation marks next to the USB Ports?

Have you made any changes recently that might have affected your PC?

Have checked device manager and there are no yellow exclamation marks next to any of the USB ports.

When i connect one of the devices (In this case an external hard drive) that is giving me this problem and i click 'Properties' for the USB port in device manager the following is displayed; 'No drivers are installed for this device' I have tried updating the drivers from this window and it comes back that no updates are available for this device. It will not allow me to troubleshoot this problem either.

With regard to any recent changes, I had a major failure (my hard drive commited suicide) some months ago, I reloaded all my software onto a new hard drive and the USB ports worked fine for about 1 month.

I get a blue screen every now and then that states that the computer had to shut down due to a failure to communicate with a USB device (or some thing like that)?? I have tried to trouble shoot this problem on the Microsoft web site but they say that they are unable to determine the fault from the information sent in the error report.

Many thanks for your help.

  jack 08:35 20 May 2005

The HDD failure and subsequent replacement
may well have disturbed MoBo connections/plugs even those not involved in the change over. a total shut down and 'rattle yer connectors' then startup and checkout the BIOS settings and try once more.

Have checked all my connections and they all appear to be ok.

If it was a connection problem it would happen with all USB devices, not just a selected few?

When i selecect 'up date drivers' i believe that it is only looking on the hard drive? is there any way i can get it to look for updates on the web?

Many thanks

  Technotiger 18:52 22 May 2005

Hi, have you tried for Drivers from the site of the Makers of your new external hd?


  Zeppelyn 19:10 22 May 2005

XP should not need seperate drivers for USB devices. Have you tried a different port. Is it connected via a hub or direct. Also is it installed in a complete external caddy or via an adaptor ?

All USB devices are connected direct to the original ports and not through a hub. I have checked by using a device that connects and works to the computer and connecting to all my ports and the devices do work in all ports. I assume i am not connected via a caddy as i have not fitted anything extra to the original computer. (I have four ports direct into the mother board and two at the front on some sort of externsion within the computer)

I don't only have problems with connecting my external hard drive, i also have a DVD burner, memory stick that also have the same problem connecting to the computer. I have also tried a friends USB external hard drive ( a differant make) and this does not work either.

Many thanks

  pc mad 20:21 22 May 2005

hi, i want to connect my phone (sharp gx20) to my pc so i can transfer some photos over to print them out, i bought the data cable connected it to my pcs usb port, i installed the usb driver that came with it and also the handset manager software which i believe you use to access the photos on the phone, i have enabled the phone to use data cable as aposed to infra red, but i cant get it to work, when the phone is connected to the pc a icon comes up on the screen, so some communication is there, i am running xp pro, any ideals please,

  pc mad 20:26 22 May 2005

sorry posted my problem on wrong page, sorry

  woodchip 20:32 22 May 2005

Did you say that other items are recognised in the same USB port? if so what is it that will not work

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